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    1987 toyota supra hesitation?

    i have a 1987 toyota supra with a 7mge automatic. it hesitates while driving around 2700-3000 rpm dropping it to 2400 ish. when the motor is cold the hesitation is a lot worst. any ideas as to how to solve this problem? yes it has plenty of power wide open it is just when im putting around town...
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    2000 mitsubishi montero sport hesitation in engine only in drive?

    I have a 2000 montero sport ls 3.0 v6 with 130,000 miles it has a hesitation in drive only when fully warm or cool wether its hot or cold out and your in drive and at a stop light the rpm stick will drop like a little hesitation and the car will shake this will happen every 10 seconds and a stop...
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    89 toyota camry throttle hesitation?

    my 89 toyota camry V6 has a problem where when you are stopped and give it gas or are accelerating a lot it will act like it is going to die and slow down before finally accelerating. we replaced the throttle position switch and i believe we got all of the adjustments right, but it changed...
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    hesitation when cold?

    1998 Dodge Ram Pickup, 5.2l, auto, 4x4, hesitates when cold. Replaced rotor, cap, wires, spark plugs, and cleaned throttle body. No trouble codes in computer.Vehicle sat for over a year on dealer lot before I bought it. Runs fine when it warms up.
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    1998 Honda Accord 3.0 v6 auto Transmission hesitation from 2nd to 3rd gear and...

    ...kick on downshift from 3rd 2nd? When the car up shifts from any speed of acceleration the car hesitates to go into 3rd gear from 2nd gear. And when I let go of the accelerator, when it shifts back down to 2nd from 3rd it kicks. I know Honda transmissions have problems. Its not seeming very...