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    Exterior home renovations

    At my new how how I need some exterior home renovations work. Aside from the entire house needing cosmetic updates, there is a room off the kitchen that looks like it is settling. How much it cost.
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    How to Burn QuickTime MOV to DVD for Home TV

    QuickTime MOV movies are often produced by some digital cameras and iPhone, iPad, and can be viewed in QuickTime player. But you can not watch these movies on your big screen TV at home. If you want to Watch MOV movies on your Samsung TV, Sony TV or Panasonic TV, follow this video. Watch...
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    Dream House(3D Home Designing Game)

    Best Home Designing game,Specially For Women.By Playing this Game,You can Simulate your home in 3D with lots of fashionable furnitures and many other item.This Game also has HD graphics with retina display effect. Good for kids, girls and adults like style and fashion.So try this out and Build...
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    What's a good home WIRELESS theater system?

    I have a 50'' Samsung I had gotten last Christmas I was wondering what's a good brand of surround sound that's affordable wireless only
  5. B

    Best handheld USB mic for home recording?

    I record a lot of my stuff from home, vocals and acoustic guitar. I've looked at desk-standing microphones but I prefer standing up, so I'm looking for Handheld mic with USB. I'll buy a stand separately. Thanks!
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    Las Vegas 12 year old hit home runs in 11 straight at-bats

    Forget Alfonso Soriano's recent hot streak. Put him on the bench. He can't keep up with a 12 year old. As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas native Trace Evans hit home runs in 11 consecutive official at-bats during a massive nationwide tournament held at the Cooperstown...
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    Google Play is not working on Computer or any other android phones in my home.?

    This issue popped up a little while ago. I have NO idea why this is happening. My computer, my note 2, my grandparents androids are not working. When ever I try to go on my pc it is saying it's encountered an error but on the phones it says apps are not available in our country. We live in the...
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    How to burn a movie from mov format to a dvd to watch on a home dvd player?

    I have a dvd recordable drvie and want to copy a movie that I downloaded in mov format. How do I burn that movie to a dvd so that it can be watched on my home dvd player?
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    Why power dvd 13 ultra is not starting in windows 7 home basic?

    I installed power dvd 13 ultra.It installed fine but it didn't start.Give me a solution.It had worked fine the last time i had installed it.When i opened task manager the process starts and a millisecond letter it just ends itself.
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    The Juice: Rangers win on walk-off home run for third straight day, sweep Angels

    The Juice returns for season No. 6! It's almost eligible for free-agency! Stop by daily for news from the action, along with great photos, stats, video highlights and more. Three times a walk-off: After going 223 games without a walk-off home run, the Texas Rangers have won each of their...
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    Is amplifieror a blue ray player must in home theater system?

    I recently Purchased Samsung EH6030 LED TV. I wish to hook it up with some 5.1 surround sound speakers. I went to a big electronic store and the person there was insistent that I buy one with a blue ray player. I already have a PS3 which can play blue ray. I'm confused now if I should get one or...
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    I need help with my Bell Canada home phone?

    I need to see the number that my land line phone has called private how can i go about doing this, does it show up on the bill or do i have to call the company to see what numbers were called private from my land line phone which is under Bell Canada. Is there some way to mask the call so that...
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    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, and WiFi at home. How can I use my BBM?

    Installed at reinstalled, still doesnt work. It's just on its homepage, I cant send messages and I cant request or see requests to me.
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    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, and WiFi at home. How can I use my BBM?

    Installed at reinstalled, still doesnt work. It's just on its homepage, I cant send messages and I cant request or see requests to me.
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    Help left glasses at rental vacation home!?

    Okay I'm 17 and me and my family went to stay at a beach house and I brought my glasses down there for night cause I were contacts during the day and ended up leaving my glasses at the beach house and they are 100-120 dollar glasses and my parents would kill me if they found out i left my...
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    Need help with my lg lht764 5 disk changer surround sound home theatre system?

    I have an lht764 5 disk changer home theatre dvd player that my parents gave to me for my new apartment i didnt get any speakers but have the remote the manuel and the dvd player itself when i try to hook up my rca cables from the dvd player into the tv the movie plays but with no sound i had...
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    Home Run Derby Live Blog: Robinson Cano, David Wright and Prince Fielder headline All

    Eight of the baseball’s most prolific sluggers are set to take part in perhaps the most anticipated event of All-Star week — the Home Run Derby. This year the All-Star field will be led by captains and hometown favorites David Wright and Robinson Cano, along with defending champion Prince...
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    Has anyone ever been to the one direction take me home tour?

    The reason i am asking is because the stage that they go on stage b or something. they only go on it for a few songs. well i am pretty sure our seats are close to it. how many rows was it away from the main stage. if you dont know take a guess!! :D :D
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    Does anyone know where I can get a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Power button and Home

    button replacement part? I dropped some liquid on my phone and now the buttons are sticky. Please let me know where I can buy these parts ASAP! Thanks!
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    Poll.How do you feel when you stay home on Saturday nights?

    I feel like a no life loser and depressed.I actually hate waking up on Sunday morning and see people post pictures on Facebook of their Saturday night all getting drunk.