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    Honda S2000 AP1 as daily driver.. Costs?

    Currently driving a 1995 Isuzu Trooper (3.1 Turbo Diesel) which is pretty okay with fuel economy. I drive 32 kilometers per day and Half a tank (about 30-35 liters) lasts for 4-5 days with a soft foot. 2-3 days with a heavy foot. I am also driving a 2011 model Kia Rio (base?) and I just got it...
  2. B

    Should I get an older Honda Civic or a Honda Hatchback?

    I'm looking for an older honda, like a 90's honda, not a 2013 honda because i'm not a rich person. Which one would be a better? A coupe, or a hatchback? I'm just really looking for gas mileage, reliability, and size. I'm kinda leaning a little more towards the hatchback, do you think this would...
  3. D

    What are some middle weight sports bikes like the honda cbr500r or ninja 650...?

    I want to know about other sports bikes such as the ones mentioned in the title. I'm looking for something in the 400-700cc range. I'm looking for bikes that have the sports bike look to them so please don't mention any others (such as dirt bikes). A list of bikes and the companies that make...
  4. C

    Will a 1993 honda accord stereo fit my '91?

    Also will the door panels from the '93 fit the '91? And what about the window motor?
  5. T

    Drained the petrol tank on a Honda H100s but now it wont reseal.?

    Cant see anything the matter with it.
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    Winding Road Modern Classic: 2002 Honda S2000 — POV Test Drive

    It’s Friday, you’ve been done with your actual work for hours, but you can’t just up and leave your cubicle without getting an odd look from your boss. Why not make it look like you’re hard at work on the next batch of TPS reports? Sit back, and enjoy our latest Modern Classic POV video.
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    Help!?! Honda accord 90 lx won't go over 70mph?

    My honda accord won't go over 70mph on the freeway, it also makes a really loud noise (as if the exhaust was broken) and forces it's self to pick up speed and it won't go past 3,000rpm help
  8. K

    More attractive car 2014 ford focus or honda civic?

    which is sexier between these two? chevy's are junk. ive owned two and refuse to own another because they guzzle gas then break down and fall apart. its either ford or Honda for me.
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    More attractive car 2014 ford focus or honda civic?

    which is sexier between these two? chevy's are junk. ive owned two and refuse to own another because they guzzle gas then break down and fall apart. its either ford or Honda for me.
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    Honda Jazz or Nissan Micra for first car?

    I will be purchasing my first car very soon and have narrowed it down to these two with a max spend of £3,000 after insurance. So out of the two which is best to go for and why?
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    How can I do a pop a wheelie on a honda airblade??... Its a automatic bike..?

    I have a honda airblade 110cc automatic bike.. I know for a fact you can pop a wheelie on any bike.. any advice though?
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    2006 honda civic lx cold air intake problems?

    So I got a 2006 honda civic lx .. A few months ago I put a cold air intake on .. It's an aem has the sensor and everything I reset the ecu and everything that it tells you to do so you won't get the check engine light .. But yet I still get it ... And I need to pass a smog test this month so I...
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    I have a choice of buying a honda civic vtec or a vw golf mk3 vr6?

    Which 1 would u choose?
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    McLaren Announces Honda Engine Deal

    As we reported yesterday, an announcement regarding the future of McLaren’s F1 team would be coming this week. Now, barely 24 hours later, we’ve got the official press release from McLaren declaring that the venerable British team would be switching to Honda power in 2015.
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    Rumor: McLaren F1 To Switch To Honda Power In 2015?

    It seems history has a way of repeating itself. After nearly 20 seasons with Mercedes-Benz power, McLaren could be switching to Honda engines when the new, turbocharged engine regulations take force in 2015. That is, if reports from a slew of F1-oriented sites are to be believed.
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    Urgent ! Volkswagen ,Honda or Chevrolet ?

    Which one is worth to buy and service or repairing is not expensive ??? Volkswagen polo , Honda S2000 or Chevy Hatchback ??
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    1995 Honda Prelude si engine cranks but there is no spark.?

    so two days ago, i was installing a subwoofer and amplifier to my car when next thing i know, i see the D4 light on the dashboard blinking. i got scared, and also noticed the check engine light was on too. (yes i stupidly did not disconnect the battery while attempting this, but dont blame me...
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    Update: 2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe

    Overall, while this new Civic isn’t the engaging drive that the eighth-generation model is, we’d argue that the improvements in refinement and comfort are enough to take a look at one.
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    Which car is nicer, a 2001 acura integra gs-r, or a 2013 honda civic ex-l coupe?

    The Acura has 30,000 miles and the Honda has 11,000... I think it should be a no-brainer, since Acura is a luxury car... I don't know.
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    Honda Civic 2008 Radio Code? my sl no 30094694, vin : JHMFD16268S402083?

    Kindly Some One Help me with the radio code for my honda civic 2008 model; with the serial no 30094694, and vehicle identification no : JHMFD16268S402083;