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    What's the title of a book I read about a horse bike?

    I was telling my friend about a novel I read in middle school about a girl (or possibly a guy but I think it was a girl) who had a horse that died and was reincarnated in a bike. The main premise of the story was that the bike could move on its own and the main character knew this was because of...
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    If a horse travels 300 yards in 15 seconds, what MPH is it traveling at?

    Assuming (theoretically) the horse is traveling at a constant speed for the entire 300 yards, because I just want to know the average speed. I don't need the direct answer, but I would really appreciate the theorem/equation you used to solve this problem so I can work it out myself? I'm just...
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    This horse is 2500 dollars with a lot of training and experience. She Is a hanavarian/ therolbred and very friendly. She has some vices of the ground though but with some time they can be broke . I think she's so cheap because she has a pin in her leg which has been fine for 8 years and she is...
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    why won't my 40 horse evenrude boat motor lift up after lowering?

    it worked when i put it in the water and ran it a couple of hours and when started to load the boat it would not raise up, where is the manual overide screw located, it is a1990 hrs. evenrude just bought the boat first time taken out barry how can i raise in the field if it stops working again
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    What are the best books/dvd's to educate myself on riding a green horse?

    What are the best books/ dvd's to learn how to train and ride a horse that is green under saddle. As far as training yeilds, transitions, and collection? Western riding. If this makes any sense ...I have tons of experience around and with horses. I drive and ride- but have never had to work...
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    How can I get the iPad game, My Horse, data onto my other iPad?

    Got a new iPad and I don't want to start all over with my game "My Horse". Anybody know ow to move that data to my other iPad?? I emailed the support team but they won't answer. Thanks!!!
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    Having some trouble with my book study on war horse....?

    Q1. Why were Joey and Topthorn such a comfort to the wounded men? What can give u comfort in tough situations? Q2. How did Joey feel when he was trapped in No Man's land?
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    IKEA Meat Scandal: Pork Found In Tainted Horse Lasagna, Company Stayed Quiet

    This time, it's not horse. Somehow, I am still not relieved. More » IKEA Meat Scandal: Pork Found In Tainted Horse Lasagna, Company Stayed Quiet is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
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    Catholics is it bad to eat horse meat?

    I don't see it any different then eating pork or cow meat it's a bit odd but no big difference.
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    Have you read Behold A Pale Horse?

    If you have do you believe any of it or just some parts.? Its a very interesting read if you are into conspiracy.
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    how do i get my horse to canter on lounge line?

    my horse will walk trot and halt but refuses to canter. Ive even tried tying a plastic bag to lounge whip but shes super despooked so its no help. She just trots faster. it is an outdoor arena thats snowy but she still should listen to me. i have no round pen.
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    Do You Interest to Buy This Horse Head Mask?

    Are you searching for the best Accoutrements Horse Head Mask? Do you want to get big saving & best buy this item?
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    Teaching horse to two-track?

    Part of a pattern I have to learn for a hunt seat pattern requires my horse to two track at the sitting trot. My horse doesn't know how to do it at all, so i'm trying to teach him. I know how to ask for it, and I've done it on other horses, but my horse just seems confused lol. Is there any...
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    Horse Meat–And Horse Drugs–Are Contaminating Food All Over Europe: This Is Why The Me

    What started as yet another fast food horror story last week, When Burger King admitted that their UK restaurants might have been serving horse meat last week, it looked like just another fast food horror story. But it's turning out to be a much bigger, scarier problem, especially if you live in...
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    How far ahead do I book my Kentucky horse farm tours?

    I am going to Kentucky in mid July, and was wondering when I should book the tours to breeding farms. I know for example Three Chimneys should be booked far ahead of time, but how far ahead of time? Some other farms we hope to go to are Ashford, Darley, Claiborne, Lanes End, and Adena Springs...
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    Does my horse have a major crush on Justin Bieber?

    Every time my horse sees some girls at the barn wearing Justin Bieber attire or hears a conversation about Justin Bieber he starts snorting and pawing the ground. One time he even did a wheelie after one of the girls called Justin Bieber, "The greatest singer ever! LIKE OMG!!!!!" I would like...
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    Affordable draft horse retailers?

    So, where my horse lives right now, she is on daytime turnout and does not have a run-in shed available. On days when it is snowy, icy and generally frozen and wet outside, I like to blanket her. She has a size 87, waterproof, insulated turnout rug right now but I can barely get it closed at the...
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    How to make a horse head mask ?

    I want to make a horse head mask for my brother's gift , can you tell me how to make it , what material i need to prepare if i make it?
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    Who can tell me more about horse head mask?

    In the film and a lot of the mv and some talk show, people has put on horse head mask.So what is horse head mask representative meaning?And from where the first appear? Origin what? who can tell me?
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    What do you think of some famous stars wearing horse head mask?

    I find that some famous stars like to wear horse head mask.why they do that and even public photos which they wear horse head mask.Does they do this in order to get the attention of others ?What do you think of this thing?