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    Why Kate Capshaw became a housewife after she converted to judaism?

    Are Jews sexist? Why every woman when it converts to Judaism, they become mothers or housewives? Thanks for responding. Question originally made in category Hanukkah.
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    The Vegan Housewife Explains How To Go Vegan Without Getting Weird

    From the way veganism is discussed in much of the media (I'm looking at you, New York Times), it starts to sound like there are two kinds of people: those who are vegan, and those who are normal. In response to the growing popularity of the animal-free lifestyle, veganisms is being depicted as...
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    Former Real Housewife Danielle Staub Quits Stripping, Admits She Needs Help

    Danielle Staub is getting some help. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey troublemaker tells People that the fallout from her last stripping appearance prompted her to seek treatment...
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    Which Real Housewife Is Getting Kinda Naked on Law & Order: SVU?

    Forget about Skins!How about a Real Housewife stripping down on Law & Order: SVU?Oh?Read on for the nudey details…MORE HOUSEWIVES: Camille...
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    Im looking for a story about a housewife who writes journal entries and changes

    her life completely.? Maybe someone will give me a clue here. There is a book I'm looking for about a middle aged housewife who completely changes her life. It is a fictional story. Here are a bunch of key plot points that I remember: -Her story is told fully through diary entries. -She...
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    Turning a party girl into a housewife? lol haha.?

    Ok. So I have turned a whore into a housewife (trust me I know, we were together 24/7 for a year until I broke it off), I turned a good girl into a bad girl, now, considering I find the competition very loose and easy how do I turn a party girl into a, well, girlfriend? She told me what she...
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    it must be nice to be a housewife,get up when you want,call your...

    ...friends,shopping,lunch,gossip,hairdressers et? anyone got a magnifying glass for answer 2 anyone got a magnifying glass for answer 2
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    Cynical 50's housewife humor?

    Does anyone have a website where it has black and white pictures of drawn 50's housewives with cynical sayings next to it?
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    Real Housewife Of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield Applies for Legal Aid

    Media Take Out reports this morning that Sheree Whitfield, who was denied that 7 figure settlement she so desperately wanted during Season 1 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has applied for Legal Aid after receiving a speeding ticket. In documents obtained by Media Take Out, Sheree lists herself...