1. P

    where i will get facebook shares in india, any idea?

    i want more facebook shares .
  2. L

    What do you think about this idea for a book?

    I'm thinking that it would be about a girl in high school, who falls in love with a boy and plans on spending her life with him. But one day he breaks up with her and she basically just tries to move on. It will revolve around on what she has learned, what she does to get over him, and learn to...
  3. R

    Need Best iPhone app idea?

    Hello every one i'm an ios developer i'm planing to develop an app , can any one provide me better idea please.
  4. L

    Any idea why my Alt-Key code doesn't work in yahoo mail?

    Alt-0174 sends me to another screen instead of the registered sign. It seems as soon as I hit the 7 is when it happens. Other Alt-keys still work.
  5. N

    is your idea of gourmet cooking, boiling water and making yourself a box of mac

    and cheese? i suck at cooking..
  6. A

    Do you like my story idea and is it too complicated?

    So I am writing a series of books and I would like your opinion on them. Now, this is going to be very long I think, so I would very much appreciate your patience and consideration while reading this. I will start off by explaining the history of the plot, then by explaining the history of the...
  7. M

    Is going on a cruise during a Thanksgiving holiday a good idea?

    My family and I are planning a cruise but we're not sure if we should go during Thanksgiving or Christmas. So during which holiday is best? & Is there usually a lot of people on cruises during those holiday's?
  8. J

    Surfer licence plate idea?

    I want to buy a personalized number plate, and its really hard to come up with good ideas since pretty much everything is taken. Im a surfer and a girl, and i love hawaii and the spirit of it. Here is some things i thought of, but obviously they are all taken :( It has to be 7 letters/numbers...
  9. N

    Do you think the present Hermione had an idea it was the future Hermione,

    and didn't make a fuss? In the third book. She'd been using the time turner all year. So when she heard a twig snap outside Hagrid's cabin, she might have seen her future self but ignored it.
  10. D

    Got a picture of some item but i have no idea what the item is ..might be some

    car part or bike part HELP? Link of the Item Its also says on a sticker on them - Tenneco C4T OE11982 15295275
  11. R

    Was it a good idea for Abraham Lincoln to wait for the Union Army to win

    a battle beforeissuingtheproclamation? 2. Why are these two documents were important during the Civil War? 3. Why is the Emancipation Proclamation and General Order 143 are important today?
  12. S

    Science Fiction veteran readers can you tell me if this idea has been done before?

    I've been wiring on this science fiction book for a few months now when it struck me that I have never read any science fiction books...though I'm a science student and I have studied various scientific philosophies, theories, quotes, terms and whatnots. It's ultimately about war and...
  13. M

    Is my idea original or taken...?

    I'm writing a story and I thought of some idea for my main character, though it kinda sounds like something that many books and animes would use. It's a fantasy story, by the way. So the thing is like this: Satan, who wants the current world destroyed, had a battle with God, with Satan...
  14. J

    How do I hook my tweeters up in my car kinda have a idea but there is a lil

    black fuse o amp type of thing? I don't know what that lil black thing is or where it goes
  15. 6

    I need an idea for a short documentary film. Possibly a DVD extra for another film?

    Any ideas are welcome.
  16. A

    A “Sober Bar” Actually Sounds Like An Amazing Idea

    In Chicago, a first of its kind "sober bar" will be opening its doors soon. While there's obviously a little absurdity in the premise, it also seems like a long overdue idea. More » A “Sober Bar” Actually Sounds Like An Amazing Idea is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work...
  17. M

    Knowing that the planet is mostly water. Was it really a good idea to...

    ...keep Gizmo alive? Gremlin's
  18. K

    Is this a good idea for a story?

    Her name is Paralee age 20 or so in this cameo, and she works at night as some kind of performer. She's very lonely and sad, and she has virtually no memories of childhood, except vaguely understanding that it was very disappointing and sad, abusive mother/mentally ill mother, or something along...
  19. C

    Now that blackberry is moving to BB os 10, Is it a good idea to buy the Bold or

    the Torch 2? Now that blackberry is moving to BB OS 10, Is it a good idea to buy the Bold or the Torch 2 ? Not sure when BB will stop support for OS 7.
  20. J

    You people think Christians are bad? Do you have any idea how worse Messianic...

    ...Judaism is? They are way way more screwed up than Christians. Messianic Judaism combines Christianity and Judaism together, and it makes absolutely no sense because both testaments contradict each other. I used to be in this religion, and it really messed me up BAD. You know how people say...