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    A Russian drug smuggler still imprisoned in Chile is playing professional football

    In 2010, Russian footballer Maksim Molokoedov was arrested in Santiago, Chile for attempting to smuggle six kilos of cocaine inside children's books. He was sentenced to three years and one day in prison and though he still has about a year to go on his sentence, he's been granted permission to...
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    Can you be imprisoned in daydreams? Please help, 10 points?

    Alright so yesterday, i had this daydream about myself as the pokemon Totodile in reality. Once it started my daydream lasted the whole day and i felt like i was imprisoned in a daydream until i went to sleep. And now im having a daydream like it right after i woke up. So i have a few questions...
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    How Is It Possible That The Mrs. Not Know-- Father Imprisoned Daughter For 24 Years

    ?? And fathered 7 children from the daughter, and raising three of those children. Wouldn't one ask questions, or try to save the daughter from a Cult; That she was to have ran off and joined? I for one can't believe!! (Just so sick) And what are your thoughts on this sort of crime...