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    i have a 1980 vw rabbit 1.6L injected thats not getting fule to the injecters..?

    i have a 1980 vw rabbit 1.6L injected... it is not pushing fuel to the injeters but it has a grate amount of fuel coming out of the fuel fillter. i have taken each line off of the fuel seperator and the fuel comes out of every line except the liens to the injecters... im lost I dont know what to...
  2. D

    1993 ford tuarus sho wont start fuel pump not working fuel injecters not

    working pore fuel in trottlebodystart? have no power to the fuel pump i checked the fuel relay not that i have checked for spark getting spark i pored gas in the trottle body and it started what could it be????
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    what does it mean when the throttle body is getting gas but the injecters want...

    ...spray on a 1999 chevy truck? truck want start but the fuel pump is working and everything is getting power and i changed the fuel filter and its getting gas to the throttle body but the injecter want spray and all fuses are ok. WHAT TO DO NOW? DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO