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    EARTHHope “HURRICANE SANDY” LIVE! Intention Meditation 1-3 - Oct 28,2012

    EARTHHope “HURRICANE SANDY” LIVE! Intention Meditation Show STORM CALL - Hearts to UNITE! Friends we are putting out a “heart call” today to participate in a heart focused intention event to stop and/or deflect the East Coast Storm in America called “Hurricane Sandy” this storm is a large...
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    Do writers write with intention? (more in question)?

    While in my Victorian Lit class, it just dawned on me that we may be looking more into the author's words than what they would have intended. Literary devices like significance, allusions, character development and the like are studied in literature classes, but it makes me wonder if the author...
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    Employment and HR trends report shows intention of increasing headcount in New Zealan

    Hiring intentions in the South Island are at an eight-year high, according to the latest Hudson Report Employment and HR Trends. A net 40.1% of employers in the region intend to increase permanent staff numbers in the first quarter of 2012, which is more than double the national average.
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    Word that means to argue without the mean intention.?

    I am looking for a word or phrase that would describe a situation in which 2 people are arguing but like in a flirty/ bf/gf kinda way...? And not actual wors that means to argue w/o bad intent
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    Christians: Does God care more about Good Intention or Good Action?

    I define "Good Thought" in these examples as - having intentions that are in line with the teachings of the Bible, and Jesus Christ I define "Good Action" in these examples as - committing to actions and speech that are in line with the teachings of the Bible, and Jesus Christ. So here's the...
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    Intention to create legal relations in Contract Law?

    Why does the law presume that the parties did not intend to be bound by their agreement in the case of domestic and social agreements? but the intention to create legal relations is presumed in commercial transactions. Why is this? Contract Law
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    Do you ever flirt at work without any intention on acting on it?

    how far do you let it go?
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    Do you ever flirt at work without any intention on acting on it?

    how far do you let it go?
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    How Much jail time for Drug conspiracy and intention to distribute heroin?

    Moved amount of 2 grams to 8 grams of heroin about 5 or 6 times. and wired drug money from bank account ot bank account.How much time for this. Got one lawyer saying for 10,000 dollars the person could walk. and another lawyer saying a minimum of 10 years?please help state of Virginia no...
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    from adult I have intention to come to live in america among new york...

    ...hollywood california and miami which you? I would prefer new york however I don't know tell me what the more vivibile is
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    Why do I walk into a Harley Davidson Dealer when I have no intention of buying a...

    ...HD in the first place? Choose One: "A" I go to a HD Dealer and expect to be treated rude to reinforce my hate for HD? "B" I love to go to a HD Dealer to look at the used Japanese Bikes they have for sale? "C" I love to look at the high prices of new HD's and laugh out loud, "ha ha ha " and...
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    was Stephanie Meyer intention to make edward gay and fall in love with...

    ...jacob?or is it rumors? ok,nothing is wrong with being gay but i am sister said that edward and jacob were supposed to fall in love and that he was just using bella and that's y he didnt want her to go over there! i think its a rumor but i dont know. ok,good but u got to admit that...
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    If I Have No Intention of Becoming Anything To Do With P.E. In The Future,

    Why Do I Have To Learn It? I Was Wondering, Whats the Point in doing Something You Have No Use For, Its A Complete Waste Of Time... Any Idea's ?? x
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    What was Marko Ramius's intention in Hunt for Red October?

    What was his intention when he left the Soviet dock? It said to defect to the United States, did that mean he planned to give his whole submarine to the Americans as payback for the Russian's screwed up (so he thinks) government?
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    i lost my speaker device...i think i deleted it with no intention,what will i

    do?or shall i download latest? computer,speaker device,