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    NHL Three Stars: Orpik, Malkin propel Penguins over Islanders

    "Thanks for being you, Nabby." No. 1 Star: Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins He scored the series-winning goal in the 4-3 win, which is about all you need to do get a first star in my opinion. But if that's not enough, he also had an excellent game all-around, finishing a team-high plus-7 in...
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    Penguins survive Islanders in six games, advance to second round vs. Senators

    UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- When comparing the statistical careers of Mario Lemieux and Brooks Orpik, there are many, many differences in many, many categories. But on Saturday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman achieved something that his boss never did in his NHL career: score a playoff overtime...
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    Jarome Iginla in the lineup for Penguins versus Islanders, and it?s really weird (PHO

    As if there weren't already 14 reasons to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins' try to defend their near-historic winning streak Saturday afternoon versus the New York Islanders, you're looking at one more: Jarome Iginla will be making his debut for the club. Courtesy the Penguins' Instagram, this is...
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    North Islanders, does Auckland or Wellington have more influence over you?

    Which Main Centre in NZ do you prefer to visit during weekend trips? Auckand or Wellington? And why? Please also state the NZ town/region where you currently live or had come from so I can have an indication of the extent of that Main Centre's influence.
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    Islanders acquire Tim Thomas?s phantom cap hit in trade with Bruins, because the CBA

    When Tim Thomas informed the Bruins that he had no intention of playing the 2013 season, there was immediate speculation that a small market team with a small payroll might acquire his contract. He's suspended for not reporting, so the team wouldn't have to pay his salary. It would just count...
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    Lubomir Visnovsky weighing KHL vs. New York Islanders

    Matt Moulson of the New York Islanders was impressed with his team's NHL Draft acquisition of Anaheim Ducks defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky for a 2013 second-round pick. "I had the chance to play with him a bit in L.A., and he's an extremely skilled defenseman. He's great on the power play, moves...
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    Sorry Coach Capuano, but John Tavares will diagram this play for Islanders (VIDEO)

    The scene plays out nearly every night in the NHL: The head coach calls a timeout and draws up a play for his team during a critical juncture of the game. But how many times have you seen one of his players grab the marker from the coach and diagram his own play on the whiteboard? That's what...
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    How Jeremy Lin might get Rangers, Sabres, Devils and Islanders back on Time Warner ca

    By now, you've probably heard something about this Jeremy Lin fellow that went from waiver-wire fodder to the starting point guard for the New York Knicks seemingly overnight. The Chinese-American basketball player has everything you'd want in a global sensation: crazy talent, eye-popping stats...
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    Am I right that islanders are usually short of humor?

    for example, Japanese and British are the most famous two islanders. And in my opinion, they are both humorless.
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    Will the New York Islanders lock up Christian Ehrhoff?

    </p> The New York Islanders are clearly entering a summer in which they're going to overcompensate some free agents in order to transition this team from hapless also-ran to playoff contender. So they sent a 2012 fourth-round pick to the Vancouver Canucks for the negotiating rights to...
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    so anyone have any good dancing songs for a pacific islanders club?

    I need a couple of good songs to dance to that aren't played out like pate pate or you know, please and thank you!
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    New York Islanders 5, Chicago Blackhawks 3

    New York shot just 23 times on goal but scored on five of those attempts to defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 5-3 Tuesday night in New York. The Islanders were led by Blake Cameau who had a had trick scoring once in the first period and then twice in the 2nd period. Jon Sim and Richard [...] More...
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    Where can i watch New York Islanders vs New York Rangers Live Stream ?nternet Tv?

    Where can i watch New York Islanders vs New York Rangers Live?
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    Where can I see the Avs vs. Islanders game on the internet?

    I need to know.