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    Is there any way to install JAR or JAD files onto the LG Rumor Touch (Virgin

    Mobile) maybe a program? I've been trying to get these games onto my LG Rumor Touch but there doesnt seem to be a way to. All I need is a installer. NOT a website, they do not work. If there is a hack or a debug that'd be fine too. Thanks
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    Where can i download free touch screen game for my Samsung GT S3653 with JAR nad JAD?

    Thank you for coming to my Question. i have PDA touch screen Samsung GT S3653 but i don't know where i can download a free game on site, i don't mind if a game is Landscape game because my PDA screen is 240x320 or 320x240. thank you for Your attention and Your Answer n_n
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    how can i install jad files in samsung sgh d900i?

    i m saeed from ITALY
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    Is there any good flv player available, to be downloaded in .jad format from

    my LG kp500? Hey guys i need a good flv player for my phone so that i can watch youtube videos without downloading them..need help..thnx
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    How can I run .jar or .jad files on my Samsung Rant cell phone?

    is there a certain directory i need to have these in, i made on and just called it games, i go into the file manager, and memory card and just find the file, .jar and .jad files wont play, please help!
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    where can we find the jad and jar files for sony ericsson mobile phone ]?

    where can we find the jad and jar files for sony ericsson mobile phone ]
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    i want to know what kind of games does it support...like jar jad sis etc......?

    i brought orion 910DS yesterday......i want to install games in it..how can i install it please tell me....
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    how to download jad or jar software in samsung j-600?

    how to download google maps in samsung j-600 please answer step by step and completely.
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    can we install .jar or .jad files in nokia 7610?

    if possible how?