1. S

    I have java download problem in my Samsung Champ?

    i have the java download problems in my Samsung champ touch phone, the phone say when i download any java files this "Download unavailable Downloaded jar Invalid" so please anyone help me what can i do for download java games of apps in my Samsung champ
  2. S

    Android apps are Java based now are also able to run on blackberry, is that

    mean Android is not really an OS ,? Android is just a platform.. Can you explain me more.
  3. C

    Java pdf software an symbian pdf software?

    telll me where to download app that opens pdf files on both java and symbian mobil \samsung rex 90 and 5233
  4. S

    While selecting an android smartphone, Found for certain phone Java = NO, I... not sure what impact it has ? need explanation on what functionality or feature of smartphone i will be missing if a Android Smartphone has no Java in it?
  5. C

    Java script Online quiz?

    I am creating a website. The very first page of my website is a short quiz. It is a listening test. So after people hear three short words, they need to select the correct words. if they pass, they can go to the next page, but if they fail, the message will pop out and tell them to try again...
  6. vicky

    How java app. can be install on android phone(karbonn a1+)?

    i have larbonn a1+ and i want to install java apps on it how i can install java apps in it ? and how i can connect my phone with pc fpr dial up networking ?
  7. S

    How much time take to learn java programming for android apps development?

    I am student of CSE. I have basic idea of programing C but haven't c++. Now i want to learn java programing. anyone can help me to give your experience. How much time take to learn java programming for android apps development. I'm serious to learn java. Thank U :)
  8. 5

    Solve this problem June july java jobs jeep jazz jr jack janitor jahova jason

    friday 13 jepordy jury .? Conin obrion jay leno carson dailly christ furguson.
  9. C

    How to convert my java game into an android app?

    I have made a game using java (eclipse). And I have an android developer account what are the steps required to convert it from java into an apk file
  10. A

    quiz questions in java program listed in the details?

    1.Briefly define each of the following: object, instance, class, property, inheritance, polymorphism, exponent-mantissa format 2.Briefly describe the difference between “pass-by-reference” parameter passing and “pass-by-value” parameter passing. 3.Briefly describe the difference between a...
  11. A

    Limewire won't play; says requires Java 6. Help!?

    I've had the pirated version for a while, and it has been working fine, but I guess since I updated my Java now when I try to open Limewire it says I need Java 6 or higher. Of course, I have Java 7, so that isn't entirely accurate, but the main thing is it doesn't work. I downloaded the...
  12. N

    Java fill in the blank p.quiz #2?

    Inside a method the keyword used to refer to the object being sent the message is ________ which is passed as passed as a hidden first argument to all ________ methods and constructors, but is not passed as a hidden first argument to any __________ methods. Having trouble with this guy as...
  13. S

    Just for knowledge.Can we also download java applications and games in android

    tablet? or can by installing java application and games in this tablet cause harm to tablet
  14. T

    Why did Google have choose Java as Android's Native language?

    Why did Google have choose Java as Android's Native language? -Can we write applications for Android in languages other than Java. -In What language its user interface is developed? (i know Most of it's core libraries are developed in C++)
  15. R

    Can i use java,symbian,ios apps in android?

    android 2.3.6 samsung y duos...... is there any apps to launch java symbian and other os apps.
  16. S

    Can i recover photos from samsung java phone's internal mamory?

    I have a samsung c3222 mobile phone, becouse of an virus that was in mamory card my some photos that were very importent for me got deleted, photos were stored in phone's internal mamory please guys it's very importent for me, please tell me any way to recover that photos every softwere avalible...
  17. D

    Help game site for symbian belle / java?

    games which runs on motion sensor , i tried so hard but couldnt find any site providing motion sensor for symbian Belle .. Do you know?
  18. K

    What am I missing in my Knight's Tour program? (Java)?

    I'm attempting to create the Knight's Tour program in java but all I ever seem to get is a board filled with zeroes. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something but I'm not sure what. public class Project1 { public static int lengthOfSide; public static Integer[][] board; public static...
  19. T

    Can someone help me with Nokia Series 40 Platform Java Development?

    Hi, I'm an IT student and I decided to create a mobile application in Nokia Series 40 platform. I am literate in Java PL but not in Java ME but Nokia requires me to adapt Java ME. My question is, it is possible for me to create a system that gets space like mobile dictionary? I am having a...
  20. T

    Screenwriting apps for Blackberry and Java enabled feature phones?

    I've seen a number of screenwriting apps for iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches and Android opperated phones but none for Blackberries. Not even for Windows Phone. I think screenwriting apps would go perfectly with Blackberries. I know Blackberry phones are intended for business professionals but...