1. V

    Operation failed when opening application and game folder for sony ericsson k610i?

    pls help
  2. A

    How Do You Take USIM Off K610I Sony Ericsson?

    On My Contacks I Can Not Take It Off USIM So Can You Please HELP!!
  3. M

    Is there any application to hide sms in my sony ericsson K610i?

    I need a application to hide may sms in inbox my phone model is sony ericsson K610i
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    Where can i get free NCK code for a sony ericsson k610i?

    My network was 3 in London. Now i am out side UK and USIM is inactive. My mobile phone set IMEI: 35463701-788688-9-27. can any one help me by providing NCK and subsequent codes? wish for good luck.
  5. X

    How can I unlock my Sony Ericsson K610i by cable?

    I want to unlock my k610i from my pc via the cable. can someone plz give me a clear answer and not a link to a site, unless i need to download something. my fone is currently locked to 3. thanks.
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    Bluetooth on my Sony Ericsson K610i mobile phone does not turn on?

    The Bluetooth on my Sony Ericsson K610i cell phone does not turn on. When I press the "TURN ON" button for Bluetooth on the phone, the "BLUETOOTH TURNED ON" message appears alright, but the bluetooth does not turn. It just stays off. I have tried upgrading the phone's software by using the Sony...
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    So how can i use my Sony Ericsson K610i mobile as a webcam?

    please give me an answer on how to use a mobile as a webcam.
  8. D

    hep with my sony ericsson k610i .............i was master resetting my...

    ...phone when my phone fell? the battery fell out and from ever since the phone wont turn on and when i try a red light blink on the top can u help me please .......
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    Sony Ericsson K610i Turning Off?

    I have a K610i and whenever I run with it or bump it it just turns off im not sure why i havent dropped it in water. Would Anyone Have Any Idea Why?
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    anyone with k610i sony ericson phone?

    I have this problem with my k610i sony ericson phone When I check my memory the available memory is just 50 mb woohh how small is that? How can I insert the 1GB memory stick? is the memory stick internal? or external? please help me coz i really want 2 download songs in my phone and picture and...
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    Help my sony ericsson k610i wont turn?

    Hi every time i try turning on my phone the light just blinks red 5 - 7 times and then does nothing. is there any way to fix this for free if so how i really need help!! THANKS
  12. N


    My sony ericsson k610i wont charge with usb on the computer or on my usb to plug mains converter. when my battery is completely dead i cant even connect it to the computer because nothing happens but when it has about 5% battery life it turns on and it says its charging at the top right corner...
  13. K

    Can you reinstall sony ericsson k610i software again?

    My k610i went white screen then i flashed it, now my sony ericsson k610i freezes and sometimes goes off and comes back on, it has changed. anybody can help me reinstall the software back to resolve the problems?
  14. R

    Where can i get the NCK code for a sony ericsson k610i?

    When i type in <**< It asks me for a NCK code. Where/how can i get it? For free i don't want to pay for anything. Sony Ericsson K610i
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    What is the problem with my Sony Ericsson K610i phone when it keeps

    switching off randomly? What is the problem with my Sony Ericsson K610i phone when it keeps switching off randomly, its is about a year old. Is this the battery or worse?
  16. P

    A gameboy Advance Emulator That works for A K610i?

    where can i find a gba emulator for my k610i??
  17. R

    is there a way to unlock my sony ericsson k610i? ?

    i am looking to unlock my K610i without having to buy a lead or pay a company large amounts of money to send me the code any help or suggestions are appreciated