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    Important Places in America to Take Kids

    Friends! Recommend me some Important Places in America to Take Kids for fun and remarkable tour. I heard that the American Museum of Natural History, New York is worth seeing places. Moreover The Rose Center for Earth and Space is also a great place. what will you say is this true? Moreover, let...
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    If my dog has roundworms, should my kids get checked for it?

    My dog has licked their faces, my 2 year old constantly puts her hands in her mouth after touching anything. She pets the dog, dog licks her hands. She plays in the water bowl & with her chew toys. She falls in the grass which is where the dog poop was. I'm totally freaked out.
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    Despite Olympics, half of UK kids 'not exercising enough'

    A new study finds half of UK's seven-year-olds are not getting the recommended minimum level of 60 minutes vigorous daily exercise, in stark contrast to the "legacy" vision inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games. The findings, from a representative sample of 6,500 primary schoolchildren aged...
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    Nick Collison photobombs some cute kids at a beach, because he?s havin? a summer (Pho

    This is via his Instagram account. This was expertly done, and we like it a lot. Nick Collison calls it his "best photobomb yet," and we're inclined to agree. We're also inclined to agree with how Daily Thunder maestro Royce Young so expertly put it: "Nick Collison's plus/minus on this...
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    Are there more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells?

    I'm looking for more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells. I just like the party feel of the song. It's not too electronic and not too much like hip hop its the perfect song. If you haven't heard it there is the link I also tried looking into...
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    What is this movie called? kids living on the streets?

    I recently saw a movie about a bunch of kids living on the streets, doing drugs and prostituting. the main character is a blonde girl who ran away from home. she makes her way through different cities. and she likes a black kid. but she leaves him. and she ends up going back home. but I think at...
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    Charlie Sheen Shows Off Adorable Kids in Twitpics and a Really Big Gun in Machete Kil

    We don't know how Charlie Sheen will fare playing the president of the United States in Machete Kills. But judging by the new poster for the shoot-em-up sequel to...
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    Ho do i make my baby sitting application GLOW I love kids and games,outdoors

    and basiccly anthing they like? I am energetic and a fun person. I can cook also. Can you help me add that into my application . make it glow Hello, My name is Nicolas Jimenez. I have had three years experience in childcare, caring for children ages three months to 12 years. I have had...
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    POLL: What age is too old for a man to have kids?

    BQ: What age is too old for a woman to have kids?
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    what is the kids name in war of the buttons that goes on the round on the bike

    to see how mcuh money they got? from the stuff they were gatherig
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    What is the name of an old kids movie where kids made a boat that

    resembles the lochness monster? I think its an 80s movie where these kids made a boat that looks like the lochness monster
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    What if questions for a kids story?

    hey i need to write a story for little kids for school and i just wanted any ideas of questions example: what if my cupboard led to a new world every day
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    Why do kids today think being gay is cool like it's the new trend?

    I have noticed this at my nephew's, cousin and most schools around the country. Kids are claiming to be bi-sexual, when they are in fact straight, just to be cool. It's the new trend now adays. I am just curious, why being gay has become a trend for kids?
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    Parents buying there kids cigarettes?

    Alright, So my friends parents buys him cigarettes. They will not buy them for him unless he pays for them with his own money. His parents say that they rather have him smoke at home then somewhere else or behind there backs. He does have a job and supports his habit his parents do not pay a...
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    Can Republican Hypocrits tell us why they Support Gay kids and abortions for...

    ...their kids but not for others? you say your fine with your gay kid, while saying you don't support gay's how is that even possible u idiot hypocrits you say abortion is horrible and terrible but when ur kid wanted one u were saying well thats fine can ppl get out just leave ur worthless ur...
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    Why do people think handheld gaming consoles are only for kids?

    I'm a lifelong, hardcore gamer. I'm also a long haul truck driver, who spends 21 straight days on the road per month. My PS Vita is one of my most prized possessions, and I would go nuts out there without it. Not only does it satisfy my gaming needs, it also provides me with the ability to Skype...
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    Kids Who Use Smaller Plates Are Less Likely To Become Obese

    Kids who use smaller plates to serve themselves food are less likely to become obese. The finding came from a new study conducted by researchers from Temple University and was published in the journal Pediatrics. Obesity has been a serious problem in the United States. A previous report...
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    Sleep Apnea In Kids Linked To Behavioral Problems

    Obstructive sleep apnea, a common type of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), has been linked to elevated rates of ADHD-like behavioral issues in kids, in addition to learning and adaptive problems. The findings were published in the journal Sleep and came about after a five-year study which...
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    One In 50 Kids Has Autism In U.S., CDC

    One in 50 school-aged kids has autism in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The finding came from a survey of parents which revealed that the number of American children with autism spectrum disorder has increased significantly since 2007. As of 2012...
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    Structured Weight Loss Program Helps Kids From Low-Income Families Lower BMI

    According to New Study in Academic Pediatrics Overweight and obese children in low-income households can meet or exceed the Expert Committee Recommendations Regarding the Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity when given access to a structured...