1. K

    I am travelling to las vegas with a group of ten lads! Will we be allowed to

    use 2 way radios on the strip? I am wondering if we would be allowed to use 2 way radios on the strip to communicate betwwen us! Is this a good idea or would it be easier to use an american pay as yo go sim card in our phones?
  2. C

    are girls interested in fat lads?

    ok so im a big lad but i wouldnt say im ugly, im fit for my size, play football alot and go to the gym a couple times a week, but girs dont seem to give the time of day, they woud rather go out with butt ugly lads with good bodys. im 24 and looking for love but cant find anyone
  3. G

    how do I ask for a lads phone number over facebook? but I want it to sound cool ;)?

    I have been speaking to this lad on fb and he seems really nice, he is my mates mate so he's not like a randomer and we've been geting on well but I'm just fed up of only speaking to him on facebook and I'd rather text and ring him but I wanna ask him for his mobile number but I don't want it to...
  4. J

    Holiday destination outside Europe for lads holiday?

    Hi, There is a group of us that want to go away, but Europe is so expensive at the moment, so can anyone suggest anywhere outside Europe that is equally as good as Gran Canaria, Portual, Crete, for a lads holiday?? Thanks
  5. P

    Lads holiday to Laganas in Zante20th August 2009.Will the nightlife be as good

    as late july/early august? Safe ting.. we are going on a lads holiday to laganas in august on 20th august. But i am unsure of whether the nightlife will still be as good as july and early august. Also, will there be loads of teenagers there even if it is late august?? Also, we want to get...
  6. A

    To the lads... Whos your fittest celeb?

    Who is the hottest female celebrity in your opinion? Mine is lucy pinder, her amazing face, body, sexy accent and her mellow yet laughable personality makes my choice certain...
  7. S

    Lads: What are some good drinking games?

    My mates and i need more drinking games tell us about yours.