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    How to get stronger with out lifting weights?

    I dont wanna lift weights yet. please help
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    What is the best age to start serious weight lifting or bodybuilding?

    I'm a junior in highschool and most of my friends have been working out already at the gym, I havent really work out and I have to start until I'm 18 because I'm taking a medication right now. is 18 or 19 a good age to start? or is it a little old?
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    Does a good weight lifting workout make you a good basketball shooter?

    I never feel good shooting the basketball I am always fading, shooting to long or short I practice everyday I'm just not feeling the form. I'm only a good shooter when I'm hot what should I do? I put in the practice I do try to shoot how I like or or try copying another players form what am I...
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    Weight Lifting Stretch Marks?

    My boyfriend is very in to working out and lifting weights. But he stopped after he realized that because he was pushing himself and that his skin is a little weak that he was getting stretch marks near his arms on his chest and back. He's asked me to help him to find some possible methods to...
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    Help with lifting a 2002 jeep grand cherokee?

    So, I have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee and I'm looking to lift it, and get new rims and some bigger tires. The problem is I have no knowledge on this whole process and I need to know what I need besides the rims, tires and lift kit, and what would be the best products for the rims, etc. cost in...
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    When should i start going to the Gym? (Lifting Weights) and What age do i

    start taking supplements? Im 14.5 years old, i am turning 15 in about 19 days and was thinking of joining a gym. Im 6ft tall and weigh around 180 pounds. Ive heard rumors that you stop growning when you lift at a early age, is that true ? because ive known some people who been working out since...
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    why are women so afraid of lifting weights?

    alot of women think lifting weights will get them too bulky but the reality is that lifting weights can't get you big unless you eat more than you should and continuously lift heavy. lifting weights are important for keeping your body fit and in shape. why can't women understand this?
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    What are your thoughts on the Boy Scouts lifting their ban on gays?

    Particularly, the threat of church sponsors to disband their troops based on the national organization's lifting the ban, even they would still be free to continue the ban themselves. Thoughts
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    Can weight lifting stop me from growing and getting taller?

    I lift 6kg dumb bells and I'm 14 years old can that stop me from growing?
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    Variations to the common breast lifting technique?

    Hi, There are many variations to the design of the incisions for breast lift surgery. The size and shape of your breasts, size of your areolas, and extent of sagging are factors that will help your plastic surgeon determine the best technique for you. For more details on breast lift clickhere...
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    Horray…New Obesity Vaccine Could Make Us Thin Without Lifting A Finger

    Good news fellow couch potatoes: If sweating your ass off in this summer heat in an effort to lose a few pounds is not exactly appealing, a new vaccine could help "cure" that expanding waistline--without ever leaving the comfort of our couch, of course. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Weight Lifting Landed A Scalpel In My Spine, But I’d Do It All Over Again

    “Our little bodybuilder is waking up,” I heard the nurse say through my haze of anesthesia and morphine. I struggled to sit up and a nauseating wave of pain slung me back onto the hospital bed. “I’m not a bodybuilder,” I muttered. “I’m a powerlifter.” More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Little Big Weights: Lifting Light Weights Isn’t A Total Waste Of Time, Says Research

    Most of today's top trainers will tell you that lifting light weights to slim down isn't a grand plan, despite fears of "bulking up" from heavy lifting. But a new study says that, on the flip side, adults who are intimidated by heavy weights shouldn't despair: Lifting little weights can still...
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    Ruth Kobin: 100 Years Old And Healthy Thanks To Pilates and Weight Lifting

    Ruth Kobin turned 100 years old in September, and she was up for the celebration: Not only did she have several dinners with family and friends, but she took off on a cruise to Bermuda, where she was enthralled to discover that she could still dance. But it's no surprise, really: Despite her...
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    Lifting Trucks with just after market shocks?

    I really don't know much about lifting trucks. I know how to lower cars but lifting trucks is new to me. I have a 2011 frontier 2wd and I was wondering if you can lift it with just after market shocks/coilovers. I'm looking at about 3.5 inches of lift so I can fit bigger tires. Thanks. Front...
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    Dies smoking interfere with working hard with the type of weight lifting I'm doing?

    I smoke about a pack a day. My work out is aerobic weight lifting. I do for chest: 10 sets of 25 reps, upper chest: 10 sets of 25 reps, for shoulders I do 10 sets of 25 reps doing up right rows, for Lats I do lat pull downs 10 sets of 25 reps, for triceps I do tricep extensions 10 sets if 25...
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    how important is lifting weights in basketball?

    our coach tells us that we need to start lifting weights but idk what it really helps for a guard? will it help me handle the ball better or what?
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    2007 GMC 1500 4x4 Lifting Block Kit?

    I would really like to ad a little more height to my truck without a lot of dollar. Im thinking that using a 2 or 3 inch block kit in the rear then cranking up my torsion bars in the front would be easy and cheap. However I remember a buddy of mine had a block kit and every few weeks or so he...
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    Is The Protien Powder Amp From GNC Any Good For Lifting?

    I Lift A Good Amount And Run..I Need A Good Protien Powder
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    is it good to do 3 days of lifting and HIIT on the 3 other days of the week?

    say hypothetically something like: mon, wed, fri lift. tue, thu, sat, high intensity interval training. that way your metabolism will be boosted like everyday of the week. and is it okay to do say 25 minute cardio on most of the non HIIT days? i know that long cardio isn't the greatest for fat...