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    What the diff. In Ultra Heavyweight Dish and van vess dog dish lightweight?

    On is square and the other one is non tip design dog dish wich one should I get they both come in jumbo size
  2. A

    Lightweight champ Edgar survives first-round beatdown, scores KO victory

    HOUSTON - Call Frank Edgar small all you want, but the UFC's lightweight champion has more fight in him than pretty much anyone in the sport. The diminutive Edgar was on shaky legs throughout much of the first round at the Toyota center, but bounced back in the next two rounds and scored a...
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    A lightweight but powerfull sport bike.?

    Here's the idea, I'm gonna take off the wheels, replace the rear with a ducted fan, slap wings on it and see if it flys. Before you get all, BAH! PROPSTEROUS! I SAY, PROPOSTEROUS INDEED, yes I am an aircrarft engineer. So I need a sports bike with hmmm, say 500 hp or so give or take a 100...
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    BOSE Lightweight On-ear Headphones or BOSE Mobile On-ear Headset?

    which is better?
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    What's a good lightweight bmx bike?

    Yo dogg. Im 13. I'm getting a new bike for my bday in a month or two. I can only bunny hop like 1 inch. But i ride a 35 Ib bike. I think if i get a lighter bike i can bunny hop better. but im small like 5''4 115. Im kinda strong though. Anyways please gove me brand if possible weight and link to...
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    Could a prime, 135lb lightweight Duran beat a running around style Ray Leonard?

    Let's say Duran is at his prime and fighting at his best weight, 135lb, against the style ray leonard used to beat him in their 2nd and 3rd match, would Duran still loose to Leonard? If Leonard fought Duran the first time the way he did in their 2nd and 3rd match, would he have won?
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    with nonito donaire's body frame, can he go up to lightweight same as pac?

    the 2 got so many similarities and i have the feeling he can even go up to welter. just a thought
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    what are good cameras for hiking. I want something versatile and lightweight . I... not locked in to SLRs.? I have been looking at the Lumix G series, Olympus PEN series and the Canon G11. It would help a lot if the camera could also function well taking candid portraits of people.. maybe something that would be good for low-end photojournalism?
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    Where can I find a Aluminum(or Lightweight) Flywheel for a 1988 Honda Accord?

    I'm looking for a Flywheel for a 1988 Honda accord, stock engine. I need a lightweight one so I can get some more HP out of the engine. If there isn't any type of lighter flywheel for this car can I get some advice on some reliable after market parts that have been tested and have great results...
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    Does anyone know of a good, lightweight bmx bike?

    Im looking for a 20 inch lightweight bmx bike which is also sturdy, and has GYRO. Im intending to use it at skateparks and for general street riding.
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    how to get a body like a ufc lightweight?

    im 5'10 and i currently weigh 154 but i want to be a solid 155 like a lightweight ufc fighter. i know they go up and down with there weight so im not sure how much more i should bulk up to and then cut down. any help would be great thank you
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    How far do you think Clay Guida is from a UFC lightweight title shot?

    He's now beaten some pretty decent competition in Diaz and Danzig and is a very exciting fan favorite. How far do you think Guida is from a title shot against Florian/Penn? Who should he have to beat next in order to get that shot? Maybe Diego Sanchez? Or should he have to go through two...
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    I am a sprinter in high school and I'm looking for lightweight sprinting

    shoes(not spikes).? I'm flat footed and I usually buy nike I'm flatfooted and I usually buy nike. I run the 200m event. I'm flatfooted and i usually buy nike. I just need some light weight shoes for practice.
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    Are Konig Heliums lightweight racing rims any good?

    I thought these bronze rims where nice and was considering getting them. I was just wanting to know if Konig rims are any good?
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    Where can I find some lightweight manual rack and pinions?

    The steering rack needs to be able to handle the stresses involved in turning a 3000 pound car. Not sure if aluminum will do it, I haven't done the calculations yet.
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    Which headphones are SMALLER AND MORE LIGHTWEIGHT for snowboarding?

    Skullcandy icons OR Sony mdr-v150? I want the skullcandy icons which are about $25 BUT i came across the Sony mdr-v150 and i also like them. I know what the skullcandy icons look like, but im wondering: are the Sony mdr-v150's AS SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT as the skullcandy icons? keep in mind that i...
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    What Kind Of Food Is Good To Take While Hiking That's Lightweight?

    (rice Cakes,cup Noodles)