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    Homicidal Lunatics Busted Rigging a Popular Trail With Deadly Medieval Booby Traps [W

    A U.S. Forest Service Officer on foot patrol along a popular trail in Utah made a shocking discovery over the weekend. A couple of crazy men rigged the entrances to a rudimentary shelter with booby traps. People could have died. More »
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    Atheists, do you hope that lunatics who believe in Biblical prophecies never...

    ...pass the aptitude test........? for employment at a nuclear facility?
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    Is this a joke or some lunatics view of free trade with China?

    Trade with China : 2010 NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. MonthExportsImportsBalance January 2010 6,888.8 25,185.1 -18,296.3 February 2010 6,855.1 23,363.8 -16,508.8 March 2010 7,403.6 24,300.2 -16,896.6...
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    Hello fellow lunatics living in a state of ecstasy... done anything interesting

    today? Me and a few navy buddies went running, we found this spanish housing estate (we are in spain on holiday... my second home, that is why I am on the internet, in case you were wondering) but the building company went bankrupt so the place was empty, there were thousands of houses... but...
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    Anti-Evolutionists, raving lunatics or genuinely poorly educated turnip truck

    rejects? Cats get grumpy when they are dead.
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    Has there been a case of the lunatics taking over the asylum?

    Yes The W is changing Stormy Stop putting yourself down