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    can ASUS M2V TVM motherboard support triple core processors?

    ok i really need a lot of replies on this cos i want to change my processor and i need something good and if i can get x3 then that would be good cos i dont wanna limit my pc to a dual core processor. please give me your thoughts on this. thank you.
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    converted avi to dvd and got M2v..?

    i used my cheetah burning software to convert an avi file to dvd and it spit out an M2v video file and mpeg audio file along with a dvd folder containing TS_audio with nothing in it and TS_video with "VTS_01_0.IFO" and "VTS_01_1.VOB" in it. i was converting it so i could burn a dvd. how do i...
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    After demuxing a VOB do I need to keep it or do the ac3 and m2v files...

    ...contain everything for re-encoding? using Gordian Knot