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    DirecTV's spruced-up mobile app with voice control has made the jump to the Android w

    DirecTV's spruced-up mobile app with voice control has made the jump to the Android world. Just like the iOS app released earlier this month, the app lets you do things like schedule DVR recording, and uses spoken word search to find programming. [Google Play via Engadget] Read more...
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    What to do when my LoL Client made my whole computer stuck?

    i played a game called League of Legends. so it worked well for the Champion Select part. the game in it's loading screen still works well. but when the game starts (there shows the Kills Death Assists CreepsKill and time), it only work for like a few seconds until suddenly , the whole thing...
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    Do you think Lucy Mecklenburgh and Dan Osbourne have really made their...

    ...own sex tape or this is just a rumor? Did Lucy Meck and Dan film steamy session in Marbs? I have read about that but everything i have found is this do you know something more?
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    National Draft Day: Buffalo Wild Wings/Yahoo, a match made in fantasy football heaven

    Wings. Beer. And fantasy football ... Pardon me for slobbering like a St. Bernard. For the first time ever Yahoo Sports and Buffalo Wild Wings are teaming up for National Draft Day, an event celebrating the heart of the fantasy football picking season. This Saturday, August 24, Yahoo will have...
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    This Hard Shell Suitcase Is Made From Recycled Carpet

    This hard shell suitcase might look like just another piece of high-end luggage, but scratch its surface and you'll realise it's made from recycled carpet. No, really. Read more...
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    if i have a iphone 4s korea made and its OS is ANDROID can i turn it into apple ?

    answer please :)
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    Why do Christians say that earth was made for us when 99% of life that has

    lived on earth is extinct? All these earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions etc these do not really suggest that God made the earth for us. And its a little contradictory to blame all these events on 'mans disobedience and sin' if God was the one who created the earth.
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    Report: Pirates made deadline runs at Giancarlo Stanton and Mark Trumbo

    The Pittsburgh Pirates carried baseball's best record into trade deadline day but ended up on the less desirable side of the ledger in Jeff Passan's winners and losers column after failing to make any upgrades. As we've now learned, it wasn't for lack of effort. General manager Neal Huntington...
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    Getting made fun of because fake jack rogers?

    I have been getting made fun of because I don't have real jack rogers. I don't want to spend my money on real ones its not that I can't buy them. But I was wondering are fakes ok. Why does it matter to society? Am I weird because I don't have real ones?
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    Impossible material made by Uppsala University researchers

    A novel material with world record breaking surface area and water adsorption abilities has been synthesized by researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The results are published today in PLOS ONE. The magnesium carbonate material that has been given the name Upsalite is foreseen to reduce...
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    Best sentence made of lyrics?? 10 points for you! Please I need help!?

    There's a competition where the winner gets to meet a great artist at a festival coming soon! I have to pick an artist, which for me is gonna be Jessie J, and I have to write a sentence why I should be the winner of the competition, but made out of her lyrics from her 2013 songs. Any great...
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    A one-armed man made a hole-in-one in St. Louis

    If you visit this blog much, you realize how frustrated I get at all the crazy hole-in-one stories. I've been playing golf for decades, competitively at times, and have never made an ace, a family curse that has affected my dad (a 2-handicap during his prime) and my uncle (a 5-handicap that...
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    Where can I find a list of all models of that Alfa Romeo made in 1972?

    I have a 1972 Alfa Romeo and I'm not sure which model it is. I'm assuming I could probably find it using the VIN but would like to see a list of the models anyway
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    Is there any way to hook up a Bluetooth mic to an Xbox if its not made by Microsoft?

    I have a Komodo mic and I was wondering how I could hook it up
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    Where Phone is going Actually Made ? Samsung Galaxy s3,s4?

    In which location all big company manufacture their phone. I have bought a phone last year Iball glam 3 which is not Indian (as told). it's made in PRC and PRC is china. I have then Bought Nokia asha 311. It's made in India. I am confused on the point that most of phone made in China. I have...
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    what are MMA shorts made of?

    They are made up of stretchable fabric which expands. This type of fabric is useful in sprawling to avoid any take down. It gives you mobility when executing certain grappling. Some shorts have flex panels located around the groin area that gives the shorts a greater range of motion...
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    Every OpenStreetMap Edit Ever Made, Visualized

    OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map, is a wonderful little project that has become hugely successful. Now, the team behind it has released a report which explains how it's changed over the last eight years—and some of the results are damn pretty. Read more...
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    What is the name of an old kids movie where kids made a boat that

    resembles the lochness monster? I think its an 80s movie where these kids made a boat that looks like the lochness monster
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    If Hollywood made a movie about your life what would it be rated and who

    would be the star? Just curious?
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    a friend of my sister wants 422 digital photos made in to a dvd slideshow with

    music and scan 3 photos? she wants all 422 pictures with custom music and scan 3 additional pictures. 422 pictures at 5 secs each is too much for a slideshow but if thats what she wantsthen ill do it. how should i base the charge for the service? im not scanning so it wont take as long. please...