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    the wake of magellan?

    Hey people! Perhaps it knows one thing. Where is download track the wake of magellan it is Savatage
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    Found: Magellan Explorist GC hiking GPS for geocaching

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    Where can I get a free 2009 Magellan GPS download?

    I just bought a new Magellanit but it is almost useless without the new maps. Please help, I work at a 100% commission job now and need to support my family.
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    I deleted all the files in my magellan 3200 gps via usb connect. Now it...

    ...wont reboot even with sd card? I coppied all the files on my gps to my sd card then deleted all the files on my gps I thought it would reboot from sd card. Now the computer doesnt even see the device when I plug in the usb cable. I also tried the bootloader menu on the gps it comes up if I...
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    Magellan Maestro 4250, Garmin nüvi 760, or TomTom ONE XL-S?

    I had a navigon, it was horrible. I need a gps that has good current POI's, good route calculations, and fast start up/satellite connection. Thanks.
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    Magellan roadmate 800 auto-routing GPS reciever reviews?

    For those who have used this product, what do you think about it? Are you happy with your buy? I need a GPS that can be used not only in the continental US but also in Canada (at least the eastern side -closest to Alaska-) and Alaska. If you have any other suggestions, please lemme know. I...
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    Free Gps Maps For Specifically Magellan Roadmate 1200?

    I purchased a magellan roadmate1200 the item came with no sd card or any maps, i have a 2gig card, are there any sites at all or anyone who knows how to downlosd maps for this exact model for "free" I am not paying 60$ for a preloaded card, I hope someone knows of a good site!~
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    Is the Magellan Maestro 4370 bluetooth compatible with the Iphone 3g?

    I just wanted to know if the Magellan Maestro 4370 is bluetooth compatible with my Iphone 3g. Thank you for answering.
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    GPS Systems: Garmin vs. Magellan vs. TomTom?

    I'm looking to buy a GPS system for my car. I live in Alexandria, VA and there are lot's of tree's so I would need one that could handle that. I'm looking for some feedback on which you have had and how you've liked it-including the price and how direct the directions are. Thank you so much in...