1. J

    Dvd will play sound at the main menu but not during the movie?

    I'm trying to watch hansel and gretel (idk if that's how its spelled) witch hunters and the audio works at the main menu but not during the movie help please
  2. K

    Is the other people added on a family plan just as much as the main line?...

    ...Verizon Wireless.? My sister was going to add me on her contract and make it a family plan. I was just wondering, does that make the bill cheaper on my end? I hope I am wording this right on my end, but say she is paying 90$/month for her phone bill, if I am added will I also be paying just...
  3. R

    What are the main reasons why an aspiring Fashion Stylist for magazines

    isn't hired when applying? Can anybody give me a detailed answer, please? I really need your help. Thank you so much.
  4. A

    How to redirect from a main website to a mobile version?

    I have a website on my local server and I have a mobile version in a sub-directory ( What I want to do is to put in some sort of code that detects the screen size, so when it gets smaller than, 500px wide perhaps, then it would automatically load up the mobile version...
  5. R

    can xbox 360 wireless headset with bluetooth work as a main audio output device

    for xbox? because mine only works with chat is there any way to swith it to main audio output device. ex play black ops 2 with volume in a headset.
  6. S

    Which trending topic on Yahoo's main page right now is most interesting to you?

    Mine is "Fox pulls Family Guy". Here's the full story: Weird coincidence, huh? (Which it is by the way. Some...
  7. M

    what are the main literary techniques used in the poem?

    You are the sunlight in my day, You are the moon I see far away. You are the tree I lean upon, You are the one that makes troubles be gone. You are the one who taught me life, How not to fight, and what is right. You are the words inside my song, You are my love, my life, my mom. You are the one...
  8. A

    Where is the main stage going to be at the vans warped tour? and when?

    why do they say that there are 3 stages yet the bands will all play at the same place? a friend and i want to go but we are confused cuz this is our first time.... where is the main stage going to be at?!!!
  9. S

    Main issue in Mao's Last Dancer?

    What is then main issue in Mao's last dancer? Thankyou! :)
  10. M

    What is the music used in the main menu of the 'Wonders of the Universe' DVD?

    It's also used in the beginning of the episode 'Falling' when Brian is stood on top of a mountain.
  11. T

    why cant i scroll side to side on the new yahoo mobile main article section?

    I'm on a tbolt running Ics.
  12. L

    What should be the name of my main villain?

    I'm writing a story with a villain who is the instigator of all fairy tales. He begins the story essentially by plotting to as he he puts it to "write" new fairy tales. When really he's just creating monsters and causing disasters. I thought about Grimm like the Brothers Grimm. But I'm not sure.
  13. M

    Why is ion and WWE Main Event unavailable on Verizon FiOS?

    I wish I could touch some wrestlers through the TV. Just go up and fell their big muscles.
  14. L

    What should the main character of my story be like?

    So I have this story idea I came up with that is VERY VERY under construction. It's sort of inspired by The Cider House Rules if you want an idea. THE PLOT: a city boy works on a peach farm out in the middle of nowhere for a month. Whilst there he realizes picking peaches is a lot of work, but...
  15. M

    How can I make my "Quizilla" quiz show on the main list?

    Ok, so I made a quiz on quizilla and it's published but not showing up on the main list. I so confused because i legit can't find it anywhere on quizilla. Does anyone know what this means and/or how I can fix it? Thanks!
  16. R

    Pop quiz while I do a Rubio? What was the main cause of drownings in Texas last year?

    ELEVEN points for first correct. Close, Barney, close. But Never Again gets the prize.
  17. D

    Can you use a sports bike as a main source of transportation?

    I plan on buying a 250cc or a 600cc being it will be my first bike. I just don't know how many miles they will typically last with regular maintenance and easy riding.
  18. M

    How do i show battery life on main home screen with Nokia Lumia 920?

    Just got the nokia lumia 920 and at the store i noticed a worker that had his battery showing on his main tile screen, i dont know how to do this. Everytime i want to check my exact percentage of battery i have to go into setting and go look which isnt very convenient. I cant hold it down and...
  19. K

    action anime with strong main character since the beginning?

    hello, i'm looking for action anime like these: - the main lead is a strong and cool character since the beginning, not the type that weak in the beginning than develop after meeting enemies. - i'm a female, so if it possible, i want the art to be good. i like otome-video-game-based anime...
  20. E

    What are the three main sources of International Law and the subsidiary sources?

    I'm having trouble answering the 2nd part of this question: What are the three main sources of International Law and the subsidiary sources? Why is this distinction of main and subsidiary sources made? •The three main sources of International Law are: (1)Treaties (2)Custom (3)General...