1. S

    What is the maximum battery life of Samsung Galaxy Core duos under heavy use?

    Am considering on buying the Samsung Galaxy Core duos Android smartphone but saw a lot of people complain that the phone battery does not last. How true is this claim? I want to know if the phone can carry me for the whole day. I browse a lot on phones and I blog too, so I will be using the...
  2. U

    I've a w595 and I wanna set the brightness from auto to maximum..

    I've a Sony w595 and I accidentally destroyed it's light sensor... So now the brightness is set to minimum... So please help me set the brightness to max... Please help.. :(
  3. F

    What is the maximum number of torrents that utorrent can handle at once without

    crashing? I have version 3.3 with a Windows 7 OS and any time I have over 2000 torrents active, utorrent crashes. I donwload a lot of smaller files from private music trackers so I would like to have them available to seed as much as possible. How to people who have 1 TB of files to seed handle...
  4. D

    which get maximum speed bluetooth or data cable to connect mobile phone to... and access internet in pc? which get maximum speed bluetooth or data cable to connect mobile phone to computer and access internet in pc.iam using nokia x202 handset.and iam connect it to my pc and access internet on pc.which get maximum speed to connect phone to pc data cable or...
  5. D

    What is the maximum size in this package?
  6. D

    What is the maximum size in this package?
  7. AbdulmuizzBadrudin

    What is the Maximum Charging Time for Nokia E52 via AC?

    I bought it awhile ago.. And need some help..
  8. R

    Hiii guys can you what is the maximum speed of 3G in nokia mobile?

    my mobile is nokia 3120classic and sim vodafone 3G
  9. M

    whats the maximum distance once the fuel light comes on in a ford fiesta 3 years old?

    I've just bought a 3 year old ford fiesta 1.25, what is left in the tank once the fuel warning light comes on?
  10. A

    How To Keep Stress To A Minimum, Happiness To A Maximum While Moving

    Looking for ways to keep your relocation anxiety to a minimum? Try a few of these moving tips to get through it without too many tears or stress lines. More » How To Keep Stress To A Minimum, Happiness To A Maximum While Moving is a post from Blisstree - Nutrition, Healthy Recipes and Fitness.
  11. T

    To Cause Maximum Destruction, Viruses Cooperate Or Conquer

    Scientists have discovered new evidence about the evolution of viruses, in work that will change our understanding about the control of infectious diseases such as winter flu. Researchers at the University of Exeter's conducted experiments to manipulate a virus to see if it could evolve the...
  12. F

    maximum size attachment on internet via computer not mobile phone?

    1) what's the maximum size attachment now possible to send with e-mail through yahoo? 2) does the file type make a difference? 3) does the attachment open in a named internet window without downloading?
  13. A

    Low Cost Rizatriptan Cortaid Maximum Strength In Internet American Express Overnight

    Maxalt === Farmacia === Rizatriptan Tags: botica Rizatriptan comprar online buy Maxalt online acquistare Rizatriptan paquete postal comprimido sin fronteras Maxalt avere per meno il farmaco...
  14. T

    I want a BIG SUV sized automobile, but I want MAXIMUM energy/fuel efficiency....

    ...Please tell be what to buy? I would love an electric car or a hybrid, or something like that. I do not want a small car. I can't stand small vehicles. I don't need a truly massive SUV like, say, the Toyota Sequoia or the Chevrolet Suburban. But more like something the size of a Ford Edge...
  15. R

    what maximum amperage for a mobile charger shall i use for a 3.7 V , 1350 mAh ,...

    ...Li_ion battery ? (5 Wh)
  16. J

    what is the maximum horizontal distance traveled by the soccer ball?

    a soccer player kicks a ball into the air at an angle of 31 degrees above the horizontal and it lands at the same height from which it was kicked. The intial velocity of the ball is 35m/s. also: What is the maximum height reached by the soccer ball? for this one -the mximum height question- I...
  17. R

    what maximum amperage for a mobile charger shall i use for a 3.7 V , 1350 mAh...

    ..., Li_ion battery ? (5 Wh)
  18. P

    What is the most dramtic, yet interesting Maximum Ride series quote?

    I'm doing a project and need a good quote from any of the Maximum Ride series and page number please! Sometime before Monday!
  19. H

    What is the name of the model on the cover of Maximum Ride?

    On the cover of James Patterson's book, Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports, the Maximum Ride novel, a girl (Max), and a guy (Fang) are pictured. I want to know the name of the male model. It's not Matt Pokop, he's on the cover of FANG.
  20. G

    Maximum size of rear tyre in bike?

    What is the maximum size of the rear tyre that i can install in my bike Hero Honda hunk without any further modifications.