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    Mbox 2 isn't recognized on my Mac. HELP?

    I have a Mac Book Pro OSx. I have the Mbox 2 Pro and Protools 7 LE. I reinstalled Protools to make it work. It made things worse. Now the Mbox isnt recognized. I get the yellow power light when it is connected with the fire wire to my Mac, but the rest of the lights don't turn on. It won't...
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    Im having recording lag issues with my Mbox mini protools 7.4. is there

    anyone who can help me? when i press the record button, and rap on the mic there is lag and is really hard to rap over the beat playing, without the record button being pressed i hear no lag when I'm practice rapping over the the beat please help i have a pc windows xp mbox 2 mini protools7.4 my...
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    how do i record with an mbox?

    Trying to get my new mbox fast track USB interface to work with my HP pavillion dv4 running windows vista. seems like the computer recognizes the bass plugged in, but i cannot get it to record sound. Forgive me I'm new to this recording stuff
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    Mbox 2 mini?

    1) I have a Mbox2 mini, I use it mainly for recording like Vocals and guitar audio. But everytime I record my guitar and start playing it, I get a sudden echo everytime I play, such as when I strum my guitar, each string, i get an echo or like a double sound. How do i fix that ? 2) My second...