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    Recall recap: Oops, discounters resell recalled Meijer merchandise, plus dangerous bi

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    If I have a gift card to Meijer, can I use that gift card to buy a Green Dot... pack? So I can put the money in my paypal?
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    Where should I work McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell or Meijer?

    I've been planning to work for a long time now but I can't decide where. My choices are Meijer's ( huge food/clothes store), Burger King, Taco Bell, or McDonalds. I've never worked before and I have no clue how to use the machine thing. Also I don't know how to make Burgers, tacos, and all that...
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    How does Meijer or other grocery stores send price lists and updates out... all the satellites. can i get them? Wondering if anyone knows the eternal workings of stores like Meijer, costco and whole foods and can help me get a hold of daily and overall price lists for the stores even if it involves going into the stores and asking for something printed. Thanks...
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    Meijer food, wrong nutrition facts info, where to get correct ones?

    Alright so i was causally munching on Mejier brand "Onion Flavored Hoops" which are basically generic funyuns but they taste better and realized their nutrtion facts are wrong. They say one serving is 28g and has 250 calories, but to get this they consider there being 18g of fat, 20g of carbs...
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    Can I still use my meijer prepaid phone?

    My phone has been off for 2 months.I called customer service to reactivare my meijers phone and they told me I first need to purchase some minutes online so I went online to purchase some minutes and saw that the meijers phone has switch to readymobile. I was wondering do I need a totally new...