1. Q

    Mercedes Benz question?

    I traded in my old MB and have signed the paperwork for the new one. I got a good deal, and the dealership I went to (same one I use for repair work and I like them) offered a good interest rate and other benefits. The last MB I purchased I got financing myself, but the deal at the dealership...
  2. M

    What's more expensive to insure, Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes ?

    Yes, I'm 22 years old
  3. F

    Mercedes Benz c320 2001 v/s BMW 325i 2005 which is better?

    MB C320 2001: 44,000 miles (ESP error displayed when I tested) / $10,500 / engine works nice / lady driven. BMW 325i 2005: 54,000 miles / $11,400 / engine works nice / less power than MB.
  4. E

    Maintenance BMW, Mercedes?

    Can someone give me a little insight on how much some usual services are (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) are on a certified pre owned BMW 535i or a Mercedes E350? I have an Acura right now, and well I'm looking into getting one of those cars from a BMW or Mercedes dealer, certified pre owned...
  5. G

    Is this a fair deal on Mercedes Benz lease?

    2013 Benz C 300 with navigation package. 27 months 10,000 miles a year (i don't drive much, won't go over miles). total retail price of car is $42,030. Monthly payment is $330. It says on contract total of payments i have to pay over 27 months amounts to $10,607. Payment of $1400 for up front...
  6. H

    where is the ambeant sensor on a c280 mercedes benz?

    where is the ambeant sensor located on a mercedes benz c 280
  7. J

    Should I purchase a Mercedes Benz C class or a BMW 3 series (2003)?

    I'm going to buy my first car and I cannot decide between a C class or 3 series. I know that I want one of the two and will get one from 2003. The things that I am curious about are the costs of maintenance/repairs and insurance cost (are either of them considered sports cars, and if so how much...
  8. W

    Maserati vs Mercedes benz?

    Lets comparison these luxary brands.
  9. D

    Mercedes Benz in Sacramento CA?

  10. S

    Is the Mercedes Benz GL350 Bluetec reliable?

    I really like the Mercedes Benz GL350 Bluetec, but I am wondering if it is reliable. If you are a mechanic who specializes in German cars or an owner of a GL350 Bluetec, please tell me what parts of the GL350 Bluetec usually breaks, how often it needs to get fixed, and if I should add car repair...
  11. A

    Does the 1979 Mercedes Benz have airbags?

    Or does it have power steering
  12. R

    Toyota Innova, Mercedes Benz ML350, Mercedes Benz GL 350, which one has... ride quality, suspension, comfort? I want comfort and luxury only, which one is suitable for me, my budget is 60 lakhs to 1 crore, I want 5 seater or 7 seater.
  13. A

    Is there a significant difference between Mercedes and BMW?

    Seems to me the biggest difference between the two major German luxury lines is style, not so much function or comfort. What am I missing?
  14. M

    What's the difference between the Mercedes Benz Clk63 AMG and the c63?

    I am planning one buying one but can't pick which , Thanks for your time Also the c class would be in a coupe version
  15. Z

    How do you use a mercedes benz e class 2003? several points?

    Okay, i own another car and am getting into mercedes. Although the other day when i tried one out it was much more complex............ Firstly what do all the button means on the model e240/ all e classes below 2007. Especially on the dashboard: A passenger airbag warning list was flashing...
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    Can someone tell where can I find the mobile charger in Mercedes Benz C 240 2003...

    ...Wagon? I looked everywhere and I couldn't find it. I just bought by the way :P
  17. Z

    Can someone tell where can I find the mobile charger in Mercedes Benz C 240 2003...

    ...Wagon? I looked everywhere and I couldn't find it. I just bought by the way :P
  18. Y

    What are the new Mercedes Benz cars to come ? New models or redesign ?

    Any information about what is coming next after CLA ? Thank you.
  19. J

    Whats the difference between Mercedes Benz C300 and Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic?

    im going to be buying a used car and i was looking at Mercedes Benz. i noticed that one C300 had 4Matic on the back and another one didnt. Can someone tell me what the difference is on the two?
  20. N

    Is mercedes benz good on gas? and what car can i get that i can get a...

    ...paint job rims you know all that..? what do you think? what is your dream car ladies resonable price range and rims too