1. K

    Threaded messeging on samsung sunburst?

    I just got the samsung sunburst and i had read online that you can change the text to be threaded or conversation do I do that?
  2. R

    Does the Samsung Monte have IM messeging? (texting)?

    Im messeging= texting in msn style
  3. M

    Question about my AT&T Go Phone about picture messeging?

    I have a Nokia 6102i go phone, and it wont let me send or recieve, picture messeges, ever time I go to send one it says messege being sent, then it says messege is moved and will be sent then it says multimedia messege cant be sent. I went through the setting and did everything right I think...
  4. L

    thread messeging for t-mobile dash???

    i love the threaded messaging features of the palm and wish i had it on my new t-mobile dash i tried to use textman but i would send the message and then receive it on my regular messaging application.......don't know if i did something wrong!!.............. please help i cant live without...