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    Can I connect microphone to handheld JVC camcoder?

    Can I connect microphone to http://www.amazon.com/JVC-Everio-GZ-HD300-High-Def-Camcorder/dp/B001OMH1O6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373570136&sr=8-1&keywords=Everio+full+hd+gz-hd300BE ? if not can you give me example which one can? price max 650$. Thank you in advance.
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    What is the microphone below the front camera of my iphone for?

    You see , a drop of water went into the microphone below the front camera of my iphone 5 . I want to know what is it for ?
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    What headset for mobile phones has the best microphone?

    I need the best microphone for Skype, but all bluetooth headsets I've heard had just terrible sound quality, nothing comparing to natural voice sound. I don't mind huge or wire headsets, only need a good microphone (at least as good as a webcam has). Thanks for your help.
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    Researchers design sensitive new microphone modeled on fly ear

    Using the sensitive ears of a parasitic fly for inspiration, a group of researchers has created a new type of microphone that achieves better acoustical performance than what is currently available in hearing aids. The scientists will present their results at the 21st International Congress on...
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    what is the best external microphone for a iphone?

    i want to start podcasting using my iphone. i think its better to buy a little microphone. does anyone know which one is best?
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    How to use a bluetooth headset as a microphone for windows 7?

    I have a usb Bluetooth module and a Jabra Bluetooth headset made for cellphones and I want to use the Jabra as a microphone. The Jabra headset has a microphone in it and I paired it with my Bluetooth adapter or module but I don't know how to make it a mic for my computer. Any ideas?
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    Is the microphone on an iPad mini good enough to record songs?

    I want to record songs and I was thinking of buying an iPad mini so I could get GarageBand and do it all on there. Just wondered if the microphone was a good quality?
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    how to use mobile headset as computer microphone?

    My nokia mobile headset jack can be inserted in computer microphones plug(no size problem).But I want to use it as computer microphone.I want to tell something which can be heard through computer speaker as it is connected in speaker plug.How to do?Another question-Is there any software for...
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    Which microphone should i buy?

    Im looking for male vocal microphone for pop songs... Which microphone is better ?
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    Worker adjusts microphone under third base before NLCS Game 3 (Photo)

    ST. LOUIS — Ever wonder what a real Major League Baseball base looked like underneath? Regardless if the answer is yes or no, you do now. But these bases, like the one in the photo above used for Game 3 of the NLCS, are a little different. They've been retrofitted with microphones so Fox can...
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    LG Octane syncs to JVC car audio, but microphone doesn't work?

    I got this new deck, KD-X50BT, and the bluetooth works great with my ipod and my LG phone. However, when I receive or make a phone call in the vehicle, I can hear the other person through the car speakers but they cannot hear me through the provided microphone. I tried turning up the gain on the...
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    Prototype Microphone Could Make Cochlear Implants More Convenient

    Cochlear implants have restored basic hearing to some 220,000 deaf people, yet a microphone and related electronics must be worn outside the head, raising reliability issues, preventing patients from swimming and creating social stigma. Now, a University of Utah engineer and colleagues in Ohio...
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    How do i connect a Bluetooth microphone on Xbox 360?

    It's made for Ps3 and Phones but can i use it for my Xbox? and how? It's a "Just Wireless Blue BT-15K4" I tried holding both connect buttuns down (On each device) but that didnt seem to work so how can i fix this?
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    What is the best condenser microphone for recording female voice?

    I record at home, sing to songs of famous artists. In short perform cover songs. All I have is a computer. Is it enough to purchase a microphone, and get a recording software like audacity and record on my computer ? This is just for personal use to share with friends and family. The thing is I...
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    How can I connect my Bluetooth headpiece to my PC as a microphone?

    How can I connect my Bluetooth headpiece to my PC as a microphone? I have tried the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, but to no avail. Specs: Software: W7 64-Bit Laptop Model: Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q705 Headpiece: Motorola Endeavor HX1 ________________________________________________ Any help would be...
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    Can a canon vixia hf200 camcorder use a bluetooth microphone?

    Is there a setting in the menu that allows the camera to use a bluetooth microphone? Is there some sort of adapter for it? Or would it be cheaper just to get an attachable mic? Thanks :)
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    Can you use your guitar hero microphone as a bluetooth?

    yeah can you? well my bad (vomit) i was just wondering you don't have to get mad. jesus christ.
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    can i make a microphone from a ds mic?

    i got an old ds that i dont need anymore, would i be able to take the mic out and use it like a microphone that you can buy at a store? like the mic in a headset? the ds is broken, its unsellable.
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    do android tablets have a microphone?

    I want a woPad v7 and I'm wondering if it has a microphone?
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    Why won't my microphone work?

    I just bought a blue yeti microphone. I am using cool edit pro to record. When I record I see the waves but no sound comes from my speakers. My computer is windows xp. Does anyone know what the problem could be?