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    Midterm Results Of External Iliac Artery Reconstruction In Avid Cyclists

    Results from a midterm study of highly competitive cyclists who underwent external iliac artery reconstruction (AR) and inguinal ligament release (LR) were reported today at the 65th Vascular Annual Meeting® presented by the Society for Vascular Surgery®. Amani D. Politano, MD, a research...
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    Blogs Comment On Gender Issues In Midterm Campaigns, Brazilian Election, Other Topics

    The following summarizes select women's health-related blog entries. ~ "Abortion Trauma: The Myth," Nada Logan Stotland, Huffington Post blogs: "Among the strategies employed by antiabortion forces is an effort, apparently quite a successful effort, to convince the public, as well as legislators...
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    Antiabortion-Rights Groups Step Up Attacks On Democrats As Midterm Elections Near

    Continuing its campaign against antiabortion-rights House Democrats who voted for the federal health reform law (PL 111-148), the Susan B. Anthony List on Tuesday launched a bus tour through 23 cities in swing states to rally support from social conservatives, the Washington Independent reports...
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    Politico Spotlights Abortion Issues In Midterm Campaigns

    Politico recently examined how California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's (R) abortion-rights opposition could affect her chances at election. The publication also highlighted a campaign by Catholics United to help vulnerable Democratic incumbents who supported health reform. Summaries appear...
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    Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney.. I have to do an essay on it -.-?

    any feelings or thoughts or anything on this poem would be appreciated:) Mid-Term Break I sat all morning in the college sick bay Counting bells knelling classes to a close, At two o'clock our neighbors drove me home. In the porch I met my father crying-- He had always taken funerals in his...
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    Psychology Mid-Term Help! First year University.?

    OK so i have a psych mid term tomrow morning at 830. i am tired as hell since i helped my mom move int her new apartment and got no time to study. No word of lie i have NO IDEA what we are even tested on. All i know is that its the last 3 chapters but god knows what they are. I know there isnt...
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    What happens when an entire class fails a mid-term? Even the kids that have A...

    ...& B's in the class? Coincedence? My daugther has a B average in her CP Chemistry class. She scores mostly A's and B's on all quizzes and homework. The entire class failed the mid-term, with the highest score being a 63. Is something up? I plan on going into the school on Monday to talk to...
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    What is usually on a chemistry mid-term?

    Our teacher said we can use 1 flashcard note paper to put any information on both sides to help us on the test, but I don't know what to put on... any ideas?