1. O

    Is there any way to download Kik messenger for Nokia N95 8GB ? or for my desktop?

    PEOPLE I need help !! can I use this messenger for pc or N95 8GB ?
  2. C

    I cant edit or delete some of my contacts on nokia n95 8gb?

    as i said, some of my contacts wont delete/edit and some can...also, i cant add a new contact sometimes...i dont understand why and i would like to know how to fix this..please help !
  3. A


    HELLO GUYS!! my nokia n95 is not running applications related to python like ngun, moolan ,shakerracer etc. it installs ok and also appears as an icon but when i click it it dosent run and even dosent give any error . ihave updated my python but still dosent work!! HELP !!!
  4. E

    error nokia N95 'lock code', tolongin yah..?

    nokia N95 ku ini error ,waktu aku matiin HP,lalu aku nyalain tuh keluar lock code, aku ketik pin kode aku lalu aku ok, muncul tulisan kode accepted, tapi setelah tulisannya "code accepted" hilang,muncul lock code terus, tiap aku isi kode yang sama muncul tulisan ''lock code entered incorrectly 5...
  5. M

    i can't watch youtube with my Nokia N95 8GB?

    hi. i want to watch youtube on my Nokia N95 but i can't watch it.. why?
  6. S

    nokia N95 problem...?

    hi.my new nokia N95 fell down recently from a height.Now it shows only a white screen of nokia logo.though i took it to a service centre they told they cant fix it and that it is beyond repair.please help.
  7. D

    I am looking for a new phone, I really like the old nokia n95 can anyone

    recommend a new phone for me ? i have a Sony E K800i which is old but good,so is time for a new phone i love how on the n95 it slides to revel the media buttons i would buy an n95 but i heard the battery is not very good, i would like a phone that can be used on go on pay as you go and a phone...
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    How to Reset Nokia n95 (original) if it is in locked code!?

    Hello... Ok i by mistake putted a lock code on my nokia n95 (original) and now i dont know what the damn code is :(... i did the 3 button thing ----> green talk button, 3, and * button! after that i do see some effect BUT it says enter Lock Code! entered 12345... nothing... 000000000...
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    Lost arabic language from my Nokia N95, how can I bring it back?

    After updating the software of my Nokia N95 I lost the arabic language from it although I used the Arabic updating site from Nokia.
  10. R

    My Nokia n95 8gb has a problem? Any help?

    Whenever I restart or switch in my phone, half the screen is blank and the other half is okay. When I restore factory settings, the whole screen works fine but when I restart again, its the same problem. What can I do? I already tried the Soft reset code *#7370# Hard reset code *#7780#. But...
  11. J

    Call log on nokia n95?

    I dialed a number from a friend's phone , which is a nokia n95 , and I don't want that number to remain in the call log. So , I pressed the green call key which works like a shortcut to the call log ( i assume? ) and I deleted the number from there. My question is if the number is still in the...
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    How to download my nokia n95 8gb?

    how to download nokia n95 8gb.fiash.suport facebook.my opera.suport video.my nokia v. koria.update i donde like onle free.flash.help..
  13. K

    droped nokia n95 plz h elp fast?

    so i droped my nokia n95 in water and it worked for 5min after i dried. Then the battery was dead cause i used for like 2 days. I took battery off and putted the whole thing in rice what else schould i do
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    droped nokia n95 plz h elp fast?

    so i droped my nokia n95 in water and it worked for 5min after i dried. Then the battery was dead cause i used for like 2 days. I took battery off and putted the whole thing in rice what else schould i do
  15. M

    Nokia n95 8gb Phone lock Code error?

    Well the other day i was playing around with my nokia n95 ( 8gb ) and i changed my security code to 159159.Then i locked my phone so my sister cant touch it then when i came back upstairs and typed in 159159 on the phone it just said code error :( now am confused y its not Accepting it so if...
  16. F

    What is this red light on Nokia N95?

    I have nokia N95 mobile and yesterday i recorded a video and i saw a red light on my N95 camera?and i saw when i getting some picutes, it is the flasher of my mobile.so i want to know what is that red light?please help me..
  17. Y

    How do i use the DivX Mobile app on my N95?

    I have downloaded to app succesfully but how do i actually add my own movies/videos onto it and how do i play it. Do i have to convert files into MP4??
  18. J

    Connecting a headset to my nokia N95...??!?

    i bought the nokia bluetooth headset bh-214 see the questionis i dnt know what to do with it how do i use it i sorta kinda lost the manual thingy...hehe..:P okay so help me..!!!
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    Which phone is best ; Sony Ericsson w995, nokia n95 or nokia n96?

    Which is best and why? Thank you
  20. O

    How to transfer contacts from Nokia N95 to Blackberry Curve?

    How can I transfer all my contacts from Nokia N95 to a blackberry curve?