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    Oklahoma names redshirt freshman Trevor Knight starting QB

    Oklahoma has found a replacement for departed quarterback Landry Jones – and surprisingly, his name is not Blake Bell. Coach Bob Stoops announced Thursday evening that redshirt freshman Trevor Knight pulled the upset over favorite Bell to win the starting job in the season opener against...
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    Adorable girl puppy names?

    I'm getting a brown and grey pomeranian puppy she's a girl and I need some name ideas here's a picture of her
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    10 names of MARVEL OR DC superhero games for android 4.0 plzz?

    5 stars for a good answer!!!
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    I need names for a daughter of athena ,ares and artemis?

    This is what they look like golden brown hair and stormy grey eyes.chocolate brown hair,brown eyes and blonde hair grey/blue eyes what would you name them
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    characters names?!? for my story-the secrets kept?

    hey, writing a story on a girl who meets a guy who's much older than her and has to deal with the drama between the two families and ex's. i need names for the two characters. would like some last names too if you have any suggestions :) Girl:(main character) tomboy. 17 years old. 5'9-10...
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    Will's parents' names on Glee...?

    I am writing a fanfic. Many people know me, and I am popular, as I write the story "Family." So, Will assigns his parents to teen-sit those rascals. What do you think that the first names of Mr. and Mrs. Schuester could be? I need some possibilities. I'm not good with names. And, if you have...
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    What are some Australian style names?

    Is there any Australian styles names? There are heaps of American ones, eg: Arizona, Hudson, Dakota, etc, but is there any Australian ones?? BQ: What is so popular naming kids after US states? At my nieces school, there are heaps (in Australian Primary School). There is Arizona, Nebraska...
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    David Krejci names Jaromir Jagr favourite player growing up; so does Jagr (Video)

    At 41 years old, Jaromir Jagr's got a few years on his Boston teammates. Heck, he's old enough to have been some of their childhood heroes, as evidenced by 27-year-old David Krejci naming the Czech icon as his favourite player growing up in CBC's pregame montage. That was funny enough, but...
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    Looking for Male Names that sound evil, suggestions?

    I'm divided between Cornelius and Corypheus, but please, do give me more ideas. I'd prefer it if those names ended with -us.
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    Are these names too old-fashioned?

    Hi guys! I have fallen in love with the following two names: Frederick and Terrence. I think they are both really masculine names, but are they too old-fashioned? Please answer!! Also, would it be acceptable to just name Terrence "Terry"? Please answer both questions: middle names would be...
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    Weird trend in baby names?

    What is a name trend you think it weird or likely to fade? BQ: Why are half the people in the BN section having twins? Better than that, why are people lying and saying they are having twins? Isn't one imaginary baby enough?
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    How do I find another couple I met on vacation when I don't have last names?

    Ugh, this is so stupid and frustrating, but we never thought to exchange last names and were planning on exchanging emails the last night they were there and we ended up not being able to make it to our final meet up before they left. All I know is her name was Sabrina, his name was Chris, and...
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    found a list of girls names on boyfriends phone, really need everyone's help please?

    been with my boyfriend 2 years now i was going to write a memo note saying 'i love (my name)' just being silly! instead i found a memo subjected 'G' with 50 girls names on there! my name is on there too! the names before me, most of them i know to be his ex or i knew he had sex with before i...
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    anybody knows the real names of the following guns?

    these names are from counter strike: 9X19mm Sidearm K&M .45 Tactical 228 Compact ES Five-Seven Schmidt Machine Pistol Ingram MAC-10 K&M Sub-Machine Gun K&M UMP45 IDF Defender ES C90 CV-47 Schmidt Scout Bullpup Krieg 550 Commando D3/AU-1
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    Fan names for famous people-does it annoy you?

    Does anyone else hate it when fans of celebrities (or fictional people for that matter!) have some overwhelming desire to have a collective 'team name', like Cumberb****es, Little Monsters, Team Edward/Jacob crap? I'm a big admirer of Benedict, but I'm glad to be a fan and don't want to have a...
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    What Are Some Names For A Female Snowmobile Racer?

    I'm writing a story. She's 17 and has brown hair and dark blue eyes. She's a snowmobile racer and usually ranks 4/10 in races. I was thinking of these names; Lita Jane Smallston Danikka Rae Smallston Daria Karina Smallston Alexa Renee Smallston Arienne Jessica Smallston Suggestions are welcome!
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    What do you think of these names for my dog?

    So yes, I am getting a puppy in September or October, and it is most likely a french bulldog. Do you like these names? I like Chai the best. List: 1. Chai 2. Olivia 3. Alice (:
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    Google names New Zealand’s most web savvy towns

    Google has named New Zealand’s top eTowns- the towns and cities whose small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are outpacing those from other areas in embracing the web to grow their business.
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    Anonymous Says They Are Sitting On All 4 Names Of Rehtaeh Parsons’s Alleged Rapists,

    In the days following the death of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons, who attempted to kill herself after an alleged gang-rape by four boys, there have been numerous petitions asking that her case be reopened. But while the hacktivist group Anonymous has stepped in, so has a Canadian Minister of...
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    I need some names for a dystopian story?

    So I'm writing a dystopian novel with about ten characters. Three boys and seven girls. One girl is the main character and I would like all the names to be unique. For one of the boys I will need a name for a noble man, lord or king. Thanks for any help!