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    Is this move allowed in organized basketball like NCAA, High school ,or nba?

    Here is the move I only see it done in street ball and not in actual games
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    Brandon Jennings slapped by former NBA player Mike Taylor in Drew League game (Video)

    Although they have been locally popular for some time, summer pro-am basketball leagues have received a fair deal of attention in recent years, buoyed by the necessities of the 2011 lockout and continued by basketball fans who would consider bugging people's houses if it meant getting a glimpse...
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    How much does NBA TV Canada cost on Telus?

    How much does just NBA TV Canada cost on telus?
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    NBA Board of Governors approves five changes to instant replay, rules for 2013-14 sea

    Unlike some major sports leagues, the NBA has few concerns about changing its rules for what it sees as improvements to the quality of the game and the fan experience. The goal is to get closer to perfect, not to preserve an arcane sense of history and consistent, at least in theory. It's a...
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    My NBA 2K13 problem after alt+tab?

    I am running NBA 2k13 on my computer, and when I've alt+tab it and return to the game, I couldn't move to select the three columns [mycareer, myplayer, etc]. And, when that happens, it means I couldn't select any options in the NBA 2k13 game? The players are all moving though, so I guess it...
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    Spurs vs Heat Player Grades Game 1 NBA Finals

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    21 Reasons Why the Spurs Will Beat the Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals

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    Former NBA All-Star Mookie Blaylock is in critical condition following a car accident

    One of the most memorable NBA point guards of the '90s is now fighting for his life. As reported by Alexis Steves of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, retired 13-year veteran Mookie Blaylock is on life support following a car accident in Georgia on Friday afternoon: Former NBA star and Hawks...
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    San Antonio earns its revenge against the Memphis Grizzlies, heads to the NBA Finals

    Apparently these San Antonio Spurs are different. Apparently they?re not the scary team we saw in 2008, one that was bowed by the New Orleans Hornets before being beaten by the Los Angeles Lakers. Apparently they?re not the team that seemed to be bothered a past its prime Dallas Mavericks...
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    Victor Oladipo NBA Draft Scouting Report

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    10 Hilarious NBA Finals Themed Memes

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    San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat: NBA Finals Preview, Analysis and Predictions

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    Nerlens Noel NBA Draft Scouting Report

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    Ben McLemore NBA Draft Scouting Report

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    Otto Porter NBA Draft Scouting Report

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    Anyone up for NBA Trivia #4?

    In the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals, 76ers superstar Allen Iverson struggled with his shooting. What was Allen's shooting percentage in the Eastern Conference Finals and how many total shots did he attempted and how many points did he scored in the series?
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    Charles Barkley: “I Know the NBA Wants the Heat in the Finals, But Tell Your Referees

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    2013 NBA Mock Draft – Updated Daily!

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    Jerry Stackhouse details his NBA fighting history in ESPN interview (Video)

    Since the infamous "Malice in the Palace" brawl in Detroit in 2004, the NBA has done whatever it can to avoid any perception as a league that condones or tolerates fighting. Suspensions for relatively minor tussles have increased in length and flagrant fouls have become more common to stop...
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    Does anyone have a ps3 association for NBA lg spot left?

    I want to join a leage that has started or not that is very active and has a spot left for me cause I wanna join league must be active though