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    New, Noninvasive Way To Identify Lymph Node Metastasis

    Using two cell surface markers found to be highly expressed in breast cancer lymph node metastases, researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center, working with colleagues at other institutions, have developed targeted, fluorescent molecular imaging probes that can non-invasively detect breast cancer...
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    Outcomes For Merkel Cell Carcinoma Predicted By Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

    Patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma who underwent a procedure called sentinel lymph node biopsy (SNLB) had a lower risk of cancer recurrence after two years, according to a study by researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center. When the biopsy's results were used to guide subsequent tests and...
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    Where is the most common ancester of genus Homo located?Wht is the node number...

    ...&"sister group" of neandertal? I would also like to have the peer reviewed journals or books references where your answers were obtained. So I know they are true.
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    What is a node gap???

    someone asked me how big the stretch on the node gap of something was and they wont tell me what a node gap is.
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    On a network in a printing queue one of the node does not print, what is

    the problem? and explain how to solve? On a network in a printing queue one of the node does not print, what is the problem? and explain how to solve those problems
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    Swolen, tender lymph node on my neck?

    My doctor said that is was an infected lymph node and wrote me a perscription for Augmentin. Has anyone else had this? What in the world causes it and what helps with the tendrness/pain?
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    Will a neck ultrasound of the throid pick up any other potential lymph node tumors?

    I had an ultrasound done on my neck and it was of the throid as I feel like I have something in my neck like a lump but cant feel it on the outside. The doctor ordered this test. I was wondering if there was another lump like a lymphnode tumor would it have shown up on the ultrasound or just the...
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    Lymph node infection?

    I think I may have a lymph node infection in both of my collar bones. Only in the last 2 weeks have I started noticing 1 round, fairly solid and loose under the skin lump in between my collar bone, and another solid one further down, then on the other side I have 1 small one. When I stretch they...
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    Cervical lymph node biopsy and the surrounding arteries?

    I haven't met with my ENT yet, tomorrow I do. I am to have a biopsy of some sort and I assume it will be a full open biopsy. I'm curious though, how easy would it be for the carotid artery to get nicked during this surgery? I understand it is covered by a sheath, but where is it in relation to...
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    Swollen Lymph Node inner thigh?

    Hi, after running last night I felt a little discomfort in my left leg. I went and took a shower and discovered a hard irritable lump in my left inner thigh. My thoughts on the matter were that it is a lymph node. I am not sure, and before I go rushing to the doctor to find out the cause I was...
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    If a Soulseek user has my IP address and node module do I need to be concerned?

    I had just transfered my library to my external hd and got slack from a soulseek user. ashamed to say we both got indignant, he told me he told me he's going to "keep an eye on my node module." sorry, i have no idea what that means or if i have any reason to be concerned. will my computer be...
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    I had a lymph node infection, it was gone when the Dr. prescribed me some...

    ...triseptic soap? Does anyone know what was the cause in the first place. I don't get them any more, but could it be a possible sign of tumors? The infection was at the armpits, which is kind of gross. My body won the battle of the infection, but what was the cause if triseptic soap did the...