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    which series or symbian is Nokias X3-02 (touch and type)?

    ITS series 40 6th edition feature pack 1.... so you guys dont bother...
  2. Y

    Darn Bluetooth Messages on Nokias?

    on my phone ( the Nokia Navigator) when i am sent an item via bluetooth i get a message in my inbox. I keep having to open the message and save the item there any way to stop this message and automatically save the items i receive? please help its soo annoying lol
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    new phone nokias? sony ericson?

    im looking for a new phone. nothing extravagant but more on looks other than anything. i was thinking of th nokia 6300, 1620 classic, on SEs it would be k790, k770, tell me what would you pick because im stuck in the middle of them and if you see something similar/better that you would rather...