1. V

    how to reset massage center number in sony ericsson w8 walkman?

    i am not able to send the massage from my w8 walkman
  2. M

    block a phone number on sony ericsson e16i?

    block a particular phone number on my sony ericsson e16i model
  3. S

    power ic number for sony dvd dvp-sr320?

    i own sony dvp-sr320 dvd,my dvd stop working because of brust of power ic,i can't read its ic number,if anyone has same model then please help me for this number,my uncle has same but he chutiya don't allow me to open his dvd,maderchod sala,please help me
  4. J

    How much does T-Mobile charge to change your number?

    Please don't be a smart ass and say to call and ask. If anyone knows itd help a lot, thanks!
  5. S

    china samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 mobile phone forget my Mobile Phone PIN Number?

    china samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 mobile phone forget my Phone PIN Number so finding
  6. C

    sony ericsson xperia arc s unblock number?

    my girlfriend is on holiday to spain right now, and I receive her text messages but she doesn't receive mine.. she has been able to be on wifi a few times,that's how I found out I went to the store today and we figured out that it must be her phone that's causing the trouble and that it's...
  7. G

    what can someone do with your gym card number (LA fitness)?

    so i was at a parking place where u need validation and i told the guy working there i came from la fitness and he only spoke spanish but he wanted to get my la fitness card number and i didnt pay, so i read it to him on the back of my la fitness card, what could he do with that number?
  8. W

    Why would a random person be taking pictures of my car number plate ?

    My neighbour saw them taking photos .I have not been involved in any incidents or accidents .What are they up to ? Not normal ! Thanks x. bog standard plate , elderly car & haven't "dinged" anyone !
  9. C

    Good Android apps to text and call via my existing number?

    I have a smart phone with StraightTalk service and do not have service at my house (I live in a valley and get absolutely no service and I previously had a iPhone with Verizon). I am an iOS enthusiast I'll admit but i got this phone to get used to Android. I don't quite understand it all yet but...
  10. W

    does user/ personal data on an android phone include its phone number?

    does user data/ personal data on an android phone include its phone number...,? ...i have an Huawei Ascend 2 android phone..,,
  11. M

    Which NON GK players have worn the number 1?

    I was wondering which famous players have used the number 1 in soccer besides goal keepers.
  12. F

    What is the maximum number of torrents that utorrent can handle at once without

    crashing? I have version 3.3 with a Windows 7 OS and any time I have over 2000 torrents active, utorrent crashes. I donwload a lot of smaller files from private music trackers so I would like to have them available to seed as much as possible. How to people who have 1 TB of files to seed handle...
  13. M

    I lost my net10 cell phone number?

    how can i find it
  14. S

    Apps like Google Voice where I can port my phone number to text from my Android

    Tablet? I'm looking for a service-that's free, where I can port my existing cell phone number to the app so I can text from my Nexus 7 as well as my phone, that way, if I don't have too, I can just take my Nexus 7 to places instead of my phone and my Nexus, yes I do realize I need an active...
  15. C

    What are the mobile networks and corresponding cellphone number prefixes in the

    Philippines? I always get confused with the mobile numbers here in the Philippines. Can someone give me a list of the cellphone networks in the Philippines and their mobile number prefixes?
  16. Jordan

    Does The 3rd Generation Itouch Have its OWN phone Number?

    Example. Hot Female Victoria Secret Model: "Ayyye there sexy man, i finna want to hit that ;) ;) ;) ;)...What's your number babe? Me: Fo sho, Shottie, Hot body. Here's my number (123-456-sesame street) (itouch number that is) So will i be able to give my itouch number to ppl, and they can...
  17. P

    does anyone know the unlocking code for my ford ka stereo the serial number is...

    ...mo12806, many thanks? Hi, does anyone know the unlocking code for my ford ka stereo please, serial number is: MO12806, many thanks to all that help.
  18. S

    do Soccer jerseys usually have sewn on name and number or iron ons?

    I have 2 soccer jerseys with the player's name and number. the number on one jersey is starting to peel off. I tried ironing it back on, but it won't stay on. It makes me wonder, are soccer jerseys supposed to have iron on names and numbers? Basketball, Baseball, Football jerseys look like they...
  19. S

    I installed whats app on my android phone and it asks me a number..?

    I installed whats app on my android phone and it asks me a number.. Could i enter other mobile number than the one present in cell phone.. For ex i installed whats app on sim 9825****** and could i enter other number such as 9601****** when whats ap ask for number?? Will whats app will approve...
  20. P

    How to block number on Samsung Galaxy young ?

    plzz help me !!