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    How about that Obama

    The whole world is telling him to back off from Syria but he is pushing ahead like that donkey. This is not a good situation for the world if he continues to push like that. Russia and China will get eventually tired of him and step up to protect Bashar.
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    Is Obama the weakest president ever?

    After he is gone Obama's administration will be remembered by history for two things. 1.Allowing Russia to rise as a superpower once more and 2.The rise of global militant Islam. On my first point you can see Putin thinks Obama is a joke. He does not fear him like he did Bush/Clinton and he...
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    What other presidents have cherry-picked about the law as Obama has done?

    And exactly how did they cherry-pick? Did they do this outside of getting the approval of Congress first as Obama has done?
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    Why do we have to pay for Obama's vacations?

    Why doesn't he use his own money for vacations and why do tax payers get stuck with the bill instead? He knows we're in economic crisis and instead of solving the problem, he worsens it by spending millions of dollars on himself. Should there be a law saying that the president cannot use tax...
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    how does Obama plan to tax solar and wind energy?

    you know they can't help themselves from sticking their grubby little hands in our pockets so how will they get revenue for gay animal awareness week from the sun
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    If Obama is such a tyrant, then why is Roger Ailes still alive?

    Tyrants don't let the owners of news corporations that continually criticize their administrations to live. If Obama actually were a "tyrant" as the right-wing claims, then Roger Ailes along with a majority of FOX News anchors would already have died under mysterious circumstances. An...
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    Why is everyone so jealous that Obama n wife is taking a vacation to ireland?

    Maybe those angry jealous people should have to clean up the mess of what a macaque monkey made, for 8 years, and be given no vacation or rest at all for 8 years. Lets see how well they would fair. What do u think is the reason they are so jealous that the airforce is giving the president's...
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    Alyson Hannigan Excitedly Waves at Obama Motorcade While Cuddling Daughter Keeva

    Today, the part of the excited constituent was played by Alyson Hannigan. The How I Met Your Mother*star was one of many Los Angeles residents out angling for a glimpse of President...
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    Cons: Are you happy President Obama is bringing Gas Prices down this Summer for

    the Vacation Season? http://www.trentonian.com/article/20130501/NEWS04/130509973/aaa-predicts-gas-prices-could-drop-to-3-20-this-summer?mobredirect=true
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    Does Sarah Palin always attack Obama because she secretly wanna find out if...

    ...the rumor is true about Black men? Does she just want Obama to give her 12inchs?
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    Georgia Senator makes hole-in-one during his Monday round with President Barack Obama

    There is no better feeling for a golfer than taking a full swing only to watch your ball disappear in the bottom of the cup, but that feeling must be multiplied in the thousands if your foursome includes the leader of the free world. Saxby Chambliss, a Republican Senator from the state of...
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    When Obama says "Common sense tax hikes" what does he mean?

    Reagan raised Taxes because Carter gutted the military
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    Was Jason Collins announcement of being gay worth President Obama & Michelle's...

    ...personal recognition? I have nothing against the life style an individual chooses to have, or if they want to tell the whole world about it. There are plenty of people "of non-professional athletic status" in this world that make this type of decision everyday, but they do not receive any...
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    Syrian Electronic Army Hacks AP, Sends Barack Obama Injured Tweet

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    Did Obama get rid of alt tab?

    My alt tab function wasn't working and my roommate said it was because Obama got rid of that function on computer. Is this true? I like that feature.
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    Paul Kevin Curtis Photos – Sent Ricin Letters to Obama

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    Was Obama golfing, vacationing in Hawaii, or signing Jay-Z's travel papers when the

    bombing happened? Or was there another Memphis Soul cncert going on at he White House?
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    Why didn't Obama's apology tour work and make the world love us?

    Was Obama being naive to think apologizing to terrorists would work?
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    Does Obama make you feel safe?

    Does he have everything under control? .
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    Alabama visits President Barack Obama in the White House yet again

    Some inclement weather delayed Alabama's trip to the White House to visit President Barack Obama until Monday, but the BCS champion Crimson Tide made it. They knew how to get there. This was the celebration of Alabama's third national title in four years. "They are starting to learn their way...