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    Crime Statistics Reveal 93 Percent Of US Law Enforcement Officer Homicides Result F

    While occupational homicides continue to decline in the U.S., law enforcement remains one of the deadliest jobs in America. A new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health The report found documents that 93 percent of homicides of law enforcement officers...
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    Police Officer to Blame for Andrea Rebello’s Death?

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    Xero hires ex Googler as Chief Revenue Officer

    Stuart McLean moves to Xero from Google in Sydney where he has been Head of Enterprise Australia New Zealand, driving cloud applications business for products.
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    Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer Prefers to Use Apple at Home

    By day, he heads up Samsung's technology strategy. By night, he's a closet Apple fanboy. Young Sohn, Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer, admitted to Technology Review in an interview that he can't get enough of Apple's products. More »
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    2degrees appoints new Chief Technology Officer

    2degrees today announced the appointment of Mike Davies as its new Chief Technology Officer.
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    I was recently pulled over and I feel as if the officer is now 'stalking' me I

    guess you could say? Long story short Sunday I was arrested for possession and my car was impounded. Originally the officer was really going hard on my friend and I. In the end we got away with minimal charges and tickets that won't show up on our record. He waved the 350 fee to the police...
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    Create-a-Caption: Officer Gerardo Parra

    Man, who knew that Gerardo Parra would work his way into contention for Create-a-Caption MVP this season? The Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder made his debut last month after striking a great pose on teammate Paul Goldschmidt, now he's here after attempting to impersonate a Cincinnati police...
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    Trying to buy a house but bank's mortgage loan officer is on vacation?

    We found an amazing house that literally just went on the market today, and we're looking to make an offer on it! On the paperwork, the agent says we must have a pre-approval letter from a certain bank and certain mortgage loan officer, but when I called her this evening it says she's on...
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    College grad wanting to join military as officer (seattle area)?

    I am a 32 year old college grad working as an emt in Seattle. My plan is to join the military as an officer and I'd like to find a recruiter who is at least somewhat honest. I've gotten the run around on the phone from a recruiter who told me I had to go in as enlisted. I realize i will need an...
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    What does a Recreation Officer do in a nursing home?

    I have a job interview in a couple days and I'm wondering what specifically this job entails, what I can bring to the job and stuff. I've volunteered with stuff like this before, reading to residents and stuff, but nothing serious - this is serious; includes bus trips and everything! I was...
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    Can an enlisted Marine become an officer via OCC and go on to fly rotary-wing?

    Going to try to condense this as much as possible, as it is rather long. The little brother of the girl I am seeing just graduated college. He decided he wanted to be a Marine too late to go to PLC and is unlikely to obtain an OCC slot, due to his GPA. However, he is rather dedicated to...
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    When, and how did you know that you wanted to be a police officer?

    I'm just wondering what reasons other people have for when they had decided to become a police officer.
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    Why did the officer take such an interest in the younger children?

    Why did the officer take such an interest in the younger children? in the book Night
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    Any recommendations for a good book for a rookie police officer?

    a good friend is graduating late next month from the police academy. i'm interested in getting him a really inspirational and "must-read". i've heard of a few but i just want a few more opinions. thanks!
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    HP names former eBay Meg Whitman President and Chief Executive Officer

    Announcement is effective immediately and follow the decision that Léo Apotheker step down as president and chief executive officer and resign as a director of the company.
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    can an officer look thur my cell phone with asking me and at the same time

    chargeing me me for selling drugs? my son had my cell phone and he got arrested on sept 12 2011 and the police officer went thur my phone I feel that they valate my privacy
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    Entry Level Seperation, applying to be a Police Officer?

    was discharged with an entry level separation from both the Navy and Marines for childhood asthma. The Navy gave me a medical entry level separation while the marines gave me a Fraudulent Entry for asthma. Both are Honorable but I am afraid that the Marines fraudulent entry my hinder me getting...
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    If someone is on supervised probation will the probation officer know if they...

    ...have a warrant to FTA? thanks for the replies..Tell me if this could be possible back in 10/08 I got a DUI and went to court and pled guilty. I lost my license for year and was on supervised probation from 11/08 to 6/09 (checked in once a week). I went to court house to get copy of all my...
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    Where can i find stats about officer involved domestic shootings?

    I'm a masters student in South Africa and busy with research on officer involved domestic shootings in SA. However need some stats in US?
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    TSA Officer Arrested For Stealing From Suitcase [Crime]

    You know when you go through airport security, and they're all, "Put everything in the plastic tub, sir...SIR. I said EVERYTHING. YES, that includes that priceless pocket watch that belonged to your great-grandfather. What is that, anyway? A Breguet No. 5 housed in 18-karat yellow gold etched...