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    Under-Twisted DNA Origami Delivers Cancer Drugs To Tumors

    Scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden describe in a new study how so-called DNA origami can enhance the effect of certain cytostatics used in the treatment of cancer. With the aid of modern nanotechnology, scientists can target drugs direct to the tumour while leaving surrounding healthy...
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    2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Or Masterful Origami?

    Belgian automotive site AutoScoop.be has either gotten its hands on some early renderings of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class redux, or a very serious book about the finer points of origami.
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    Richard Dawkins does Origami and other things.

    Imma post something substantive in a minute, but for now have a look at this: Read the comments on this post... More...
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    i want to make an origami gi (japanese karate uniform) for my brother in law?

    he got his black belt this year and my mom got him a mini black belt( we get ornaments for special events that happened) anyway i cant seem to find a patern that looks like
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    Why use joints of tobacco and origami?

    Using pipes and bongs of pure has a kind of falatio attached to it. How do you like your herbs ? Two responses so far from cultureless individuals. No idea. Innate "booze" mentality wet or dry. Must both certainly be from UK ? I turned fifteen thousands of years ago and it was cool...
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    How to make an origami bell?

    does anyone know how to make an origami bell??? if so, can you tell me or give me a link with instructions?? thanks!!!
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    Is an Origami gift to a Girl gonna give some points LOL?

    Like an Origami frog or swan, somewhat randomly with skill put into it. Would it win him some brownie points with the girl would you say? I want a girls perspective. The gift is coming from a guy who is attractive enough to go out with lets say.
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    Parisian Metro Tickets Enlisted to Fight the Empire as Origami X-Wings [Star Wars]

    I, not being an artist, am content to ride Boston's subway system quietly, eyes down, in a general malaise. It's a New England thing. French artist Hubert de Lartigue, on the other hand, uses his subway time to imagine X-Wings. X-Wings from paper metro tickets, to be precise. de Lartique...
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    Can Microsoft's Origami be installed on a Nokia Internet Tablet 810.?

    If not is there an alternative operating system for the Nokia 810.