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    HCA Outpatient interview (NHS)?

    I have absolutely no experience in any type of care, so i was overwhelmed when i recieved an email last night telling me i have an interview for the role of a Healthcare Assistant!! It says its for outpatients doesnt say a ward or anything, will it be in a ward? or is it just outpatient...
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    Virginia AG Works To Increase Outpatient Treatment For Mentally Ill; Iowa Hospitals O

    News outlets report on health care developments in Virginia, the District of Columbia, California, Iowa, Maryland, Maine and Michigan. The Virginia attorney general wants to increase access to outpatient treatment for the mentally ill, The Washington Post reports. "After the shootings at...
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    what is an outpatient center?

    so im going to help out over the summer at memorial herman but i dont know what goes on at an outpatient center or an nursing unit, anyone know? and i just a high school student with no degree what so ever.