1. L

    how to ger paid blackberry apps for free?

    i really wanna get photo studio pro for free, r their anyway plz?
  2. T

    what are some good android apps that are paid or free?

    i like online games more but others are fine
  3. Z

    Can you get paid apps of blackberry with internet bundles?

    I need photo studio full version can I get with internet bundles
  4. F

    Can we get paid android apps for free with full version?

    Can we get the full version for free? Games like asphalt 7 and nfs mw are paid and if i download them for free will i get the full version?
  5. L

    Can I return Paid iPhone Game Apps from my Laptop back to my iPhone?

    In order to save GB Storage from my iPhone, I moved some of my games that took a lot of memory and put it on my Laptop Hard drive for safe keeping. Now that I have a little bit more room now, I would like to play those games again. Problem is I don't know how to return them. Just to be clear...
  6. M

    Bought a suv in sept. 2012 traded in a jeep that was paid off. sign the contract...

    ...told me what bank went home? waited on payment book, never came called dealership ask for sure what the name of the bank was. told me went to bank they said they had no loan on me. Ask teller to sign a piece of paper showing I was there. So went to license bureau to ask where title was. it...
  7. M

    Transfer paid apps FROM iTunes to iPhone on mac.?

    I have some paid apps on my mac which I would like to transfer to my iPhone. But every time I sync the phone it says so-and-so app can't be synced. Free apps can be transferred without any problems, but its the paid apps which I want on my phone. If there is a software, please name it ASAP.
  8. H

    Free Paid Apps For Android?

    Are you looking for a website where you can download paid android apps for free?? i will suggest a great website for this! try now! ask any question related to android at
  9. J

    Is there a program free or paid that can convert xvid files and compress...

    ...them to play on a home dvd player? I would like to at least put 2 movies on one dvd. I believe avi is the format that works on most basic dvd players.I have downloaded xvid and other movie files. I want to convert and burn all in one program.
  10. S

    How to break marketplace in wp 7.8 and get paid app for free.?

    I know it is not totally leagal. Plz do not report the question and give me answer.
  11. R

    Could I get paid if I am a junior instructor at my karate dojo?

    My sensei said you are a junior instructor he gave me my belt and certificate I'm just wondering if I could get paid
  12. V

    Paid Apps For Free for my XPERIA NEO L (android 4.0.4).?

    I've Been looking for some sites for free games like MC3,MC4 NOVA,...etc for free And i need it for my xperia neo l. please i need a free game site for my XPERIA NEO L. Can anyone help me?
  13. A

    How can I turn a paid plan phone into a pay as you go?

    I was given a blackberry cell phone (at&t), but I usually buy pay as you go phones. Is there a way to change the blackberry into a pay as you go?
  14. J

    If I get a new android phone will my paid apps still be available on the new... is there some kind of way to? transfer my apps from my old phone to another btw I have a htc one s so there's no way I can get a sd card and transfer them like that
  15. M

    Did I Pay Student Loan Interest in 2012? Still in School, haven't Paid on Loans....

    ...Taxes...? I'm confused. I know it's said the interest builds with some of my loans, so should I check yes? I haven't paid on it yet as I haven't graduated...
  16. H

    How much do authors get paid?

    and is it a good way to make a living
  17. M

    If you found out you could have a two week all expeses paid vacation where would you

    go and why? What would you do there?
  18. H

    Where was the most dangerous commercial cave tour you paid for?

    Answer should denote such dangers as loose lumber, slimy stairs, etc.
  19. T

    How much are youtube partners paid by monetizable views?

    I have for this year 2013 i have so far 661 monetizable views So how much do i get per view? For my youtube lifetime i have so far 43,422 video views So how much do i get per montizable for? I'am a YouTube partner.
  20. K

    Fun Paid iPad Mini Apps?

    I have an iTunes Gift Card with $17 left on it and I don't know what to buy. What do you recommend?