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    Spinal compression fractures - a common cause of back pain

    Spinal compression fractures are an often overlooked, but common cause of back pain. These small fractures in the bones that form your spine are frequently caused by osteoporosis. Fortunately, spinal compression fractures can be treated with pain medicine and bed rest. Some patients may wear a...
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    Left arm numbness, pain, feels heavy!?

    OK my mother is a 57 year old female. She is Diabetic but the doctor has told her she manages it excellently and is at a very good level. She is very active, and recently her washer broke down so she has been washing with her hands. Well about 3 weeks ago she told me her arm has been hurting but...
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    Chemical compound shows promise as alternative to opioid pain relievers

    A drug targeting a protein complex containing two different types of opioid receptors may be an effective alternative to morphine and other opioid pain medications, without any of the side effects or risk of dependence, according to research led by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai...
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    Alot of pain in the arms after workout?

    So here's my situation. I'm a fifteen year old boy who is around 170 cm and 83 kg, and I just started to go to the gym yesterday. I lifted only 1-2 kg weights with machines, yet I'm feeling alot of pain in my arms. I can barely move and turn them without feeling pain. Is it normal?
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    A New Model Of Understanding Chronic Pain & Depression May Offer Hope To Sufferers

    A New Model Of Understanding Chronic Pain & Depression May Offer Hope To Sufferers "Chronic Pain Sensitization Syndrome" (CPSS) is a new medical concept that enables us to understand that when a person is suffering from both chronic pain and depression, the two conditions are likely not to be...
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    Pain Reduction And Physiotherapy Patient Interaction Go Hand-In-Hand

    How many times have you been to a physiotherapist where you've had more time in the waiting room than face-time with the physio? Well, according to University of Alberta physical therapy PhD grad Jorge Fuentes, how a physiotherapist interacts with a patient verbally, through eye contact, body...
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    I pushed a heavy boat and lower back pain won't go away, how do I solve this?

    It's been a year, any good healing references?
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    Pain in vagina after inserting monistat applicator tube !!!!!!!?

    22, female, not normally prone to yeast infections, never been sexually active. Okay, so I've received a yeast infection from Antibiotics I was on (a week ) for sinus infection that I had. I choose to treat it with monistat since I've gotten good results before from it. This time around I had...
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    Patients With Low Back Pain Can Be Accurately Assessed Via Telerehabilitation

    A new "telerehabilitation" approach lets physical therapists assess patients with low back pain (LBP) over the Internet, with good accuracy compared with face-to-face examinations, reports a study in the journal Spine. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters...
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    Was The Rock on Steroids for Pain and Gain?

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    Acne bacteria to blame for back pain

    What do acne and chronic back pain have in common? Well, as it turns out, more than people once thought. *A group at the University of Southern Denmark have found that the same bacteria that gives people spots might be to blame for up to 40% of patients with lower back pain. What’s more, these...
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    Sorry, Surgeons: Up to 40% of Chronic Back Pain Could Be Cured With Antibiotics

    Danish researchers have discovered that up to 40% of chronic back pain can be cured with antibiotics! Nope, not yoga or chiropractors or massage or surgery, just good old-fashioned antibiotics. More » Sorry, Surgeons: Up to 40% of Chronic Back Pain Could Be Cured With Antibiotics is a post from...
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    Ouch: Low-Dose Birth Control Linked To Pelvic Pain

    A new study has revealed that women who are on birth control pills with lower doses of estrogen are at increased risk for pelvic pain, including pain during orgasm. Ouch. More » Ouch: Low-Dose Birth Control Linked To Pelvic Pain is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs...
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    In People With Fibromyalgia, Pain Is Not Worsened By Regular, Moderate Exercise

    For many people who have fibromyalgia, even the thought of exercising is painful. Yet a new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that exercise does not worsen the pain associated with the disorder and may even lessen it over time. The findings are published in the current online...
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    Possible Neurobiological Basis For Persistent Pain After Stressful Events

    A new study led by University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers is the first to identify a genetic risk factor for persistent pain after traumatic events such as motor vehicle collision and sexual assault. In addition, the study contributes further evidence that persistent pain...
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    Got a pain below stomach and It has moved help!!?

    It started last night and I had a pain in my stomach, when I went to sleep it was fine but when I woke up this morning the pain was below my stomach on my right side but it has moved to directly below my stomach. I have went to the toilet to see if I just needed it but its not that. I'm a 13...
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    Please help.. I have a bad pain..?

    Well.. Let me start off.. Im 19 yrs old.. At the age of 15 i had the feeling of a huge tube going inside and out my arm.. That lasted for a long time.. It went away... Now.. Something similar happens.. I get this sensation in my leg.. And then right arm hurts alot.. I feel like if i have fire...
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    Freezing Nerves, An Effective Way To Treat Chronic Pain

    A form of treatment called cyroneurolysis is being used for chronic pain caused by nerve damage; it involves using a tiny ball of ice to interrupt pain signals and eliminate pain while the nerves slowly recover. The results of the study, presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology's...
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    Study Of CYPLEXINOL® Finds Significant Improvement In Pain, Stiffness And Quality Of

    ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc. have announced results of the first double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the benefits of Cyplexinol® in alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis. The results were published in the April/May 2013 issue of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal...
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    Brain Scan Patterns Offer Potential For Pain Measurement

    For the first time, scientists have been able to predict how much pain people are feeling by looking at images of their brains, according to a new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder. The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, may lead to the development of...