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    A path to lower-risk painkillers

    illers such as morphine and Vicodin are often essential for pain relief. The body’s natural tendency to develop tolerance to these medications, however, often requires patients to take higher doses – increasing risks of harmful side effects and dependency. Now, new research from the University...
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    Limits Urged On Painkillers By FDA Advisory Panel

    New restrictions should be applied to widely used narcotic painkillers, because of an alarming increase in addiction and overdose deaths, an FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee (The Panel) recommended. The Drug Safety Advisory Panel voted 19 to 10, recommending that drugs...
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    Painkillers Could Cut Skin Cancer Risk (But Sun Protection Still Your Best Defense)

    An aspirin a day keeps skin cancer away? It might help. A large*new study from Denmark says*regular use of aspirin, ibuprofen or related painkillers—a class of medicines known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs—could cut your risk of developing certain skin cancers, including...
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    FDA Approves Ripping Off Hungover People With Pricey Painkillers

    Just in time for holiday parties? A fancy new 'hangover cure' with the Food and Drug Administration's stamp of approval. The remedy, an over-the-counter cocktail of aspirin and caffeine that you dissolve in water and take after a night of drinking, sells for*$2.99 for a single dose or $11.99 a...
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    Painkillers without a prescription online!?

    Hey. Do people really buy painkillers (narcotic) online without a script? If so has anyone u kno actually recevied it in the mail or at their door.
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    What does, religion, cocaine, painkillers, and falling in love all have in common?
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    Is it harmful to take painkillers for no apparent reason?

    When im really upset an cant stop crying, i get angry and swallow painkillers when im in no physical pain. I know it wont take the pain i feel emotionally away but i only start to realise i shouldnt have taken them after Iv already had the painkillers. I have suicidel thoughts alot but i know...
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    What prescription painkillers are the best/worst for your system?

    If you had to take pain meds, which ones would really work better for you and your system? I'm currently on percocet but am scared of it because of its high acetaminophen contact. Would oxycontin be better, because it doesnt have the acetamoniphen? What about vicodin? Is any one of these...