1. D

    Which country is safest to tour -- Syria,Egypt,North Korea,Pakistan or India?

    Tks for useful tips! :-))
  2. H

    Youtube is blocked in my country (pakistan) how can i unblock it on Symbian S60v3

    mobile.? i need a proxy website or proxy setting or proxy software.please tell me any software or setting for youtube which can also stream videos.please.
  3. L

    HELP! I took a wrong turn and ended up in Pakistan. What do I do?

    I was out for a leisurely drive around Whitby, North Yorkshire in my 1966 Jaguar and I unfortunately became slightly disoriented. Upon attempting to retrace my course, I found that I had strayed a little too far from home. I am now typing this from just outside Karachi, Pakistan. What do you...
  4. B

    Pakistan hosting Pakistan Star XI vs World XI; Do you think that will...?

    help Pakistan return international cricket in their backyard? Or, are you still skeptical about security of your players in Pakistan?
  5. H

    Would you feel safe as a christian in a Muslim country like Pakistan?

    I am not a practicing christian but my whole family is Lutheran, and i for one as a blatantly obvious white guy cant really say that i would feel 100% safe there to be honest. All the stories of kidnappings and kill the infidels blah blah blah... what about you, what is your opinion?
  6. A

    how can i download pakistan and tunisian map for my nokia?

    where can i download pakistani and tunisian map for nokia smartphone i have a x7 with built in gps but nokia doesnt give pak and tunisi map
  7. M

    I read that drone bird is the national bird of Pakistan country. Which is this bird?

    I could only find an insect like a creature on google when i searched for drone bird? Is that insect actually a bird like bats are mammals? Why would
  8. B

    what do you think about Pakistan Blackmailing Bangladesh to tour their country?

    What will they achieve .Even if this tour goes scratchless will it really give other nation the required green signal. To be honest Pakistan should be more concerned about any foreign team visiting their nation now .They failed with srilanka now what else to prove.If they have any respect for...
  9. A

    from where i can buy laser comb in pakistan (

    Laser comb for hair growth, for hair loss and thinning hair solution. i see this product on but if any one tell me more.
  10. U

    last map nokia 670 free download pakistan?

    Ovi store/ web/maps/ restings Only/ Restore/ all/PIN code request/call barring service / security level Access code / Code in use/ PIN Code request/ User certificates /Security module settings. /Connect to support/Install softw. update
  11. P

    dapoxetine manufacturers pakistan - dapoxetine martindale

    dapoxetine market dapoxetine made - dapoxetine manufacturer china
  12. M

    Is there any quiz to win a ticket to pakistan?

    hello guys! I was speculating if it is possible to win a free return ticket to Pakistan That too by wining a quiz, competition or something? please tell me if this is possible and give me a website in where i can participate thank you
  13. Z

    England vs Pakistan this january in UAE,predictions?

    3 match test series
  14. S

    How could i preach Islam in U.S. being U.S. born citizen parents from Pakistan?

    I am 20. University going student.
  15. C

    Telebrands air lounge in Pakistan?

    Telebrands air lounge available in Pakistan ?
  16. D

    My mother in law will be visiting from pakistan for the first what are traditions... welcome her into our home? My husband is muslim and I am christian. So I'm not sure what to do in this situation. Might I add this is the first time that I will be meeting her as well as the first time for our two children.She does accept us but I want things to go good any suggestions...
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    where can i get Chinese Movie DVD in Karachi - Pakistan?

    There are so many great New Chinese Movies Recently released --- i want to know where i can get Chinese Movies in karachi pakistan --- please lemme know --- Thanks a bunch Later all ya Aligators
  18. A

    Are original DVD movies available in Pakistan?

    I was wondering if original DVD movies are available in Pakistan or not. Because the DVDs sold here are usually priced at US $0.60 . Majority of these are Cam-Rips or TS Versions which are of really low quality. And others priced at same have a slightly better quality but still not DVD like as...
  19. I

    how to unlock nokia 1200 security code in pakistan?

    how to unlock security code of nokia pakistan plz help me ..
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    Study Of HIV Increase In Pakistan Could Benefit Other Research

    Rates of HIV have increased in Pakistan's general population, as the virus has spread beyond at-risk groups to women and their children, according to an international team of researchers, including a University of Florida scientist. The researchers raise concern that the transmission across...