1. K

    why does my sony blue ray run slow or pauses through movies on netflix?

    it buffers every few mins, its not picking up all the signals and it is very annoying, we have tried to lessen the uses of internet but that isnt the case it still runs slow at times. please help, this is a very good blue ray i was told. thanks
  2. R

    My iPhone 4 skips and pauses when plugged in to car stereo.?

    I never had this problem with the iPhone 3G, and neither when I first got the iPhone 4, but now when I plug in my iPhone 4 to my car radio via USB, it skips and pauses. It doesn't show on the screen that the pause icon was taped or anything, it just pauses. Also, this only happens if I play...
  3. O

    When I start the Itouch, it pauses and shows the loading sign as well as a...

    ...line of pixels!?!?!? I don't know why, well, I have recently jailbroken it, but when I turn it on, the apple logo has a loading sign appear over it, and a set of pixels on the left and right of it, and they line up on the same row also. They disappear after I brings me into the springboard...
  4. J

    when i press A on my nintendo 64 controller it pauses the game how do i fix it?

    when i go to jump by pressing A (button) on my controller for my nintendo 64, it pauses the game so its basically like i've pressed start over and over, how do i fix it?
  5. T

    How do you write a characters dialogue if he or she pauses a lot between

    sentences and sometimes words? Would you need to have the '. . .' every time she or he pauses? Could you just mention that the character stops and thinks before continuing on? Thanks!!
  6. J

    my pyle car dvd player is taking short random pauses when playing movies any

    clue what it might be? I just got it from a friend of my cousins the auido works perfect it plays CD's perfectly but when I play dvds it would play then take random pauses cutting off the sound and dialogue...I told my cousins friend he said it was playing fine when he had it in his car... could...
  7. G

    Whenever I play a Wii game, it just pauses and I have to restart the whole...

    ...Wii console.? I was playing Animal Crossing on Wii a couple months ago, and in between when it is loading (with a bus and and an animation), it just kept going. I waited about 5 minutes (it usually takes only a couple seconds) and it never loaded completely. The only way to stop it was to...
  8. J

    Why is it that when watching a DVD, the movie kind of pauses real quick, about

    halfwaway through the movie? It happens in like a split second, almost like the DVD is skipping, but I see it on every DVD that I watch almost.
  9. S

    My car pauses while starting up?

    I'll be starting up the car and right when I do my car goes slient for like a whole 2 seconds, THEN it starts and everything goes on. I'm starting to get afraid like sometimes I get the feeling one day it's not going to start. Is this normal for it to pause that long? Lexus SC 400 by the way.
  10. I

    My DVD player pauses on new DVDs, but plays old ones perfectly.?

    My DVD player is only a year old. I have used a DVD cleaner a few times, have cleaned the optical lens, and still, it pauses and jumps when playing new DVDs and occasionally on old ones. Some older DVDs play perfectly so I cannot figure out what it is. I am speculating different DVD types or...