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    Vigilante Farmer’s Market Vendor Won’t Accept Food Stamps For Pies

    Attention poor people who like pies: if you'd like to buy a pie with your EBT card at the farmer's market in Braintree, Massachusetts...you can't.*Andrea Taber, a vendor at the Braintree Farmer's Market is taking the heat because she refuses to sell her pies to people who use EBT cards (commonly...
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    Best Pies in WA Need help to win an online poll?

    Hi family and friends! Pinjarra Bakery has been nominated through 6PR radio station as one of the Top 5 bakeries with the best pies- in WA! Very exciting! 6pr is collecting votes NOW on their website- the winner will be revealed this Friday 11th March. If you could please take a couple of...
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    LOL watch this girl singing worst pies in london?

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    Do pie warmers cook pies?

    I am holding a birthday party at a venue that has a pie warmer and I was just wondering how they work, whether they cook the pie from thawed or they only keep the warm or if I can pre cook the pies then the pie warmer will reheat? Sorry it must sound like a silly question but I have never used...
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    Here's who REALLY ate all the pies! ......?

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/03/19/x-factor-emma-chawner-s-83st-family-s-too-fat-to-work-and-too-busy-watching-tv-to-diet-115875-21209579/ YOUNGER DAUGHTER EMMA CHAWNER AGE 19 Weight 17stone Job Had an X Factor audition; is a trained hairdresser THE FATHER PHILIP CHAWNER...
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    wondering if i can make mini pot pies in a silicon cupcake dish?

    i guess i could i mean y not, right?
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    Heating up frozen pies?

    I bought a mea pie, put it in the freezer. I plan to oven cook it. Do I need to defrost it? Or can it heat up frozen? Will it take longer or taste different frozen?