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    my samsung galaxy s4 tint has a pink tint?

    Before sleeping i put my gs4 in the charger and i slept, i woke up to find it with a high temperature and a pinky hue at the bottom. if i go to samsung service center will they replace it for free?
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    Anne Hathaway Looks Pretty-As-a-Picnic-Tablecloth in Bright Pink

    Did the costume department and prop department get their wires crossed on Anne Hathaway's latest film set? We know this sweet and simple look is clearly a sundress, but the tight...
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    How do you save things to the sd on a telus pink pearl blackberry?

    things like your memo pad and pictures and or if its posible to send them anywhere, have important things in there wondering if i can send it somewhere else to retrieve cuz my screen is broken and cant see almost anything
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    Pretty in pink 80s movie question?

    Did Steff, blaines bestfriend, used to like andie? I remember at the beginning of the movie when he was up against her car and he said "andie i've liked you for 4 years".... and at the end, when she gets to prom, blaine tells steff that he's just mad because andie was right about him. So...
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    Tshokela Maphori Stole Mickey Mouse Toy and Pink Ear Muffs

    [No message]
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    Who's that model with the pink dress in Major Lazar "bubble butt" music video?

    Who's that model with the pink dress in Major Lazar "bubble butt" music video? Please and she's the one dancing in the middle of the three bubble butt girls
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    When is the Pink Samsung Galaxy s3 being Released?

    I heard that it was released in Korea and it is called Martian Pink. It's already May 2013 and I can not see any news about this color. Will it be released worldwide? When will it be released? There isn't much female colors for samsung s3 so I really want a pink one. Very nice and girly :)...
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    A very hard Question !!!!! Genesis or Pink Floyd or AC/DC or Aerosmith or Led

    Zeppelin or Queen ? I just need your opinion !! Yours !!
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    Pink Lemonade slushie from Taco Bell?

    I got one for a dollar and I am wondering, what do they put in it? Is there soda in it, like sprite or something or is it just pink lemonade?
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    Why did Roger Waters force Richard Wright to leave pink floyd during the...

    ...production of "The Wall"? I know the tensions were high but what was the final straw? And what made the tensions high in the first place?
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    Pink Elephant Golfing?

    Imagine that every night, you can dream anything you want for as long as you'd like. And on one particular night, you decide that you will dream a dream that will feel like 80 years of time. So for the first several months of this dream, you are a god of this dream of yours, fighting dragons...
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    Is Pink going to release a DVD of her videos anytime soon?

    I've seen alot of her videos on Music Choice, that I like. especially "So What" and, "Who Knew". (alhough that one makes me cry, 'cause it reminds me of my former English teacher, who I miss so much.) Does anyone t know if Pink is planning to to this, soon?
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    What are the tracks on the Pink: 'Live in Europe' DVD?

    I was looking at this item on, but, none of the customer reviews had the tracks listed. Can anyone supply me with this information?
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    Try This Trend: Bright Pink Lips

    Ready to rev up your beauty look this weekend? Nothing screams spring like a cheerful pop of pink on your lips, and we're positively loving this gorgeous look. Savvy celebs,...
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    Was Roger Waters's departure from Pink Floyd justified?

    In your opinion, do you think that bassist, songwriter, and vocalist Roger Waters's decision to leave Pink Floyd was justified? Why or why not? In my opinion, it seems like the other bandmates simply weren't contributing to the band, so I think Roger "Certainly was in the right". What do you...
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    Is there any mighty morphin episodes where only the pink ranger is tentacled or

    tied up? Please give me a list for those who have watched it before.Preferably mighty morphin 2
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    Favorite Roger era Pink Floyd album?

    Which & why I'm on a fence right now so a compelling argument could definitely win you dem points (plus you love talking about how awesome pink floyd is and i love reading about it so we all win)
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    Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards

    God bless a 67-year-old woman who's not afraid to look at a pink-haired teen model and think, 'yeah, I could rock that too.' More » Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on...
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    Can i buy a pink cell phone at Wind Mobile ? 2012?

    I wanna buy a pink cell phone at wind but im not sure if they have any . But i dont want those flip flop ones ! so do they have it at wind ? 2012
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    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney: Pretty (Fierce) in Pink at Presidential Debate

    It appears Michelle Obama and Ann Romney had the same idea when it came to the perfect color for tonight's presidential debate. The lovely ladies were on hand in the audience at...