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    I love plants, but hate the outdoors!?

    So I really like plants, and I want a career in the botany or agricultural fields, but I hate the outdoors. Getting dirty and breaking a sweat is no problem, insects are. I have a horrible fear of bugs. Even when I water the garden in my backyard, I do it from afar, because I don't want to be...
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    Tiny ocean plants use turbulence for travel to social gatherings

    Tiny ocean plants, or phytoplankton, were long thought to be passive drifters in the sea — unable to defy even the weakest currents, or travel by their own volition. In recent decades, research has shown that many species of these unicellular microorganisms can swim, and do so to optimize light...
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    Cincinnati Mayoral Candidate Claims He’s Handing Out Free Marijuana Plants Today

    Ah, Cincinnati. Our symbol is the flying pig, our former mayor is Jerry Springer and and a guy who wants to be mayor soon is handing out free marijuana plants. More » Cincinnati Mayoral Candidate Claims He’s Handing Out Free Marijuana Plants Today is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    An Unsettling Reminder To Water Your Plants

    Keeping flowers or plants in your house is supposed to make things more beautiful, not chaotic. But this vase is only balanced when the flowers have water. If too much liquid evaporates, the counter-weight pulls one side of the vase down. Read more...
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    How to harvest electricity directly from plants

    The sun provides the most abundant source of energy on the planet. However, only a tiny fraction of the solar radiation on Earth is converted into useful energy. To help solve this problem, researchers at the University of Georgia looked to nature for inspiration, and they are now developing a...
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    how to get rid of weeds,without destroying plants like grass and a bell pepper...

    ...plant.? im making a garden and weeds have taken over our backyard.i picked out most of them but how do i get rid of the rest? see we already grew a bell pepper plant too,so whats the best way too get rid of them and will it hurt future plants that grow there?
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    Using GM Plants To 'Grow' Medicines

    Scientists say amending an EU directive on GMOs could help stimulate innovation in making vaccines, cheaper pharmaceuticals and organic plastics using plants. In a paper to be published in Current Pharmaceutical Design, six scientists from the US and Europe compare risk assessment and regulation...
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    Thinking about setting up my fish tank with live plants?

    Thinking about setting up my fish tank with live plants because I'm sick of ugly plastic ones I don't really have much idea what I'm doing or what plants are best for starters some hardy plants that are available in Australia I've only got a small tank 35 litres I also have a dwarf gourami a...
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    If I loved Plants vs Zombies, what other games should I play? (ANDROID)?

    Boo hoo - i just beat Plants vs Zombies on my Android. What other games are similar? I enjoyed the straightforward gameplay and simple, fun graphics. Thanks!
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    The Ancients Knew A Thing Or Two About Plants' Healing Qualities

    An international team of researchers, led by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and the University of York, has provided the first molecular evidence that Neanderthals not only ate a range of cooked plant foods, but also understood its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Until recently...
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    Eight air-purifying plants

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    North America's Biggest Collection of Carnivorous Plants Is a Rather Large Shop of Ho

    Pitcher plants are so large that they can digest entire rats without thinking twice—that is, if they had brains or a nervous system. And at California Carnivores outside of Sebastopol, California, they have an entire nursery full of them. Venus fly traps too, and a whole collection of plants...
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    Do you think introducing transgenic plants into an ecosystem could be dangerous?

    Why or why not?
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    House plants you can't kill

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    Aquatic plants for a tropical fish tank?

    i have a 10 gallon tropical fish tank with platies in it. It is kept at 24 degrees Celsius. What live plants would you suggest me and also what i need to do to take care of it.
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    NASA Satellite Confirms Sharp Decline In Pollution From U.S. Coal Power Plants

    A team of scientists have used the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Aura satellite to confirm major reductions in the levels of a key air pollutant generated by coal power plants in the eastern United States. The pollutant, sulfur dioxide, contributes to the formation of acid rain and...
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    Fast Growing Plants for an Aquarium?

    I just started an an aquarium (20 gallons) and i was wondering what some good starting plants, that are fast growing, would be? Thanks! :)
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    Are All of France's Nuclear Power Plants Unsafe? [Nuclear]

    The French are great at lots of things: bread, cheese, wine, shrugging. Sadly, their nuclear power stations aren't so amazing. They're unsafe, and need a massive overhaul. More »
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    why is cigarette smoke lethal to plants?

    so i hear i should never smoke while near plants because nicotine kills them but why tobacco is a plant i cant understand it myself
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    Can a florescence black light be used to help Bell Pepper plants to grow indoors?

    Yes or no will do. Thanks.