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    How to Play iTunes Movies on Android Smartphone

    Watch Video: Movies from iTunes are usually M4V files that are protected by Apple's DRM system and can't be played on Android. To enjoy iTunes movies on your Android, you need to convert iTunes movies to Android friendly video formats like MP4.
  2. C

    Directly Play Blu-ray, 1080P and AVCHD Videos on Your Computer

    Blu-ray Player is a smart tool to play Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO and AVCHD videos from your camcorder on Computer directly. Watch Video: Blu-ray Player - Play any Blu-ray, 1080p HD, AVCHD video and any video files Play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray...
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    which store can you get the sony ericsson xperia play psp phone?

    i want it really bad but dont know which store to get from
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    How to register divx and play divx videos on ps3?

    Step by step
  5. R

    Is there any way to play music from YouTube while I multitask on my IPhone

    4 or an app that allows it? Just switched from Android to IPhone and without this (and widgets) it has been a huge mistake!
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    How do you play music from youtube on iphone and use other apps?

    I double click home and go to other app but the video shuts off
  7. G

    is it ok to play games on my android smartphone while charging?

    will this effect the battery???
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    Can't play a blue ray disc on my Panasonic tv via acer laptop?

    I have an acer aspire 5740 and it does include a blue ray disc drive but whenever I go to play the DVD using Acer Arcade Deluxe, it comes up with The program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Help please
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    Google Play is not working on Computer or any other android phones in my home.?

    This issue popped up a little while ago. I have NO idea why this is happening. My computer, my note 2, my grandparents androids are not working. When ever I try to go on my pc it is saying it's encountered an error but on the phones it says apps are not available in our country. We live in the...
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    Why won't my pS3 play blue rays anymore?

    my ps3 stop playing blue rays tonight =(. i popped in a blue ray n nothing played, popped in a reg dvd n it played. tried resetting settings and when i didthe blue ray came up n when i switched the disks to another blue ray it stopped. i tried resetting my again but this time it completely...
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    Google play on android?

    I accidentally deleted my google play services on my phone but now my whole phone is messing up but the App Store won't let my re-download it help please my phone is getting on my nerves
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    how to install/download files not from google play store for Samsung galaxy 4?

    I have an app where I can download themes, walls papers, kakao theme and whatnots. When i try to download them, my phone automatically blocks it because it is not from google play store. I can't figure out how to stop my phone from blocking files not from the play store My phone is a samsung...
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    How Can I Play A Torrent That Is In .Avi Format On My Xbox From A Dvd?

    I Downloaded A Torrent In .Avi And I'm Trying To Play It On My Xbox 360 From A Usb. It Won't Play And I Cannot Figure Out How To Get It To Play. In The Read Me It Says: To play this video you need to install the webXvid codec.Run the webxvid-setup.exe file and follow the installation...
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    How can you make a google play music song a ringtone?

    On a droid, not iOS. I'm not downloading an extra app either. I know it would be so easy, but I don't want to do it. The option doesn't show up anywhere... Not settings, the play music app, nor can I see the song under files.
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    Google play gift card / Music apps ANDROID?

    I stupidly bought a $25 Google play card thinking i could buy $10 monthly spotify music. Are there any music apps that accept the GOOGLE PLAY gift card code for monthly payments of $10 or less for UNLIMITED music + offline play?
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    Can I play blue ray DVDs on the MacBook Pro?

    I'm not sure what iOS it is but I bought it from best buy this spring Thanks in advance
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    DVDrip.xvid.avi can't play !?

    DVDrip.xvid.avi won't play. i did download VLC, MPC,WMP, XVID CODEC, all tried. still can't play. DVDRip.xvid.avi (HongKong) windows
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    My iPhone 5 won't play music from games without headphones but it will... music/videos? Is this just part of the phone? I find it really annoying and can't tell if either something is wrong or it is a new "improvement". When there are headphones plugged in, I can't hear games, music, etc, but when they aren't plugged in, I can't hear the sound from any games...
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    How to burn mkv files to play on dvd players keeping multi subtitles?

    Hi there, I'm trying to convert some mkv file movies so i can ply them on any dvd player, but keeping 4 choices for subtitles. Thnx in advance!!!
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    I'm stuck rooting my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play?

    Hi, I'd really appreciate some help! I'm attempting to root my phone. I've followed the instructions from this link down to the letter, and I'm stuck on step 12: I try to connect my phone to my laptop in fastboot mode, but the laptop can't...