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    How can I make a dvd able to be played on a dvd player?

    First i should say that my computer is windows 8 system.I have bougt my computer less than one month.But I really have the need to bun dvd.I have some videos recorded with my android smart phone.And really long.So I want to burn them to dvd to watch later on dvd player.How can this be...
  2. B

    How to use blank DVD to burn the video files to be played on my home DVD player?

    I have a SONY DVD-R. I inserted it in my computer and then selected With DVD player option when it asked "How did you want you DVD to be used?" Then I accidentally formatted it. It now takes the DVD like a pre recorded DVD and refuse to burn music or any files. What can I do? What's the right...
  3. A

    what song is played in this video?...

    ... i just want to see if anyone knows?
  4. C

    can a gba game be played on a dvd player?

    I am wondering if a game such as pokemon blue can be modified to be burnt to a disc and played in a dvd player using the remote as the dpad and like enter as like "a" because that would be awesome. it would be a very impressive emulation. please enlighten me with any thing you know on the subject.
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    What was that last song played during piranha 3dd end credits? kinda reggae..., thanks? Piranha 3DD end credits song
  6. I

    What are the list of osts played in episode 298 of naruto shippuden?

    Especially the ost played during the itachi naruto talk about shishui's eye not senya
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    Have you ever played the i phone and samsung game Dragon Story?

    or any of the other "stories" that they make? i have been playing it for a long time and im at lvl 84 and my island looks amasing :) im not a huge gamer but i play for a few minutes a day its pretty fun!
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    Far Cry 3 PC DVD Online can be played offline?

    In everywhere: Target, BestBuy, Fry's,... I see "Far Cry 3 PC DVD Online", I can't find out Far Cry 3 without "Online". I don't know if it can be played offline? Thanks!
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    What android games can be played with another device as a controller?

    I downloaded a game called (f18 carrier landing) and it's awesome, I have a phone and a tablet, so sometimes I use the tablet as a TV and my phone as a controller, and it's so much fun. Do you guys know any other games that can be played with 2 devices like that? And list them if you can...
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    How can I stop the image on my DVD (played on cyberlink) from skipping?

    In the last year or so, whenever I play a DVD on my Compaq laptop, the DVDs image that is being played slows right down (so it is out of sync with the sound) and then suddenly speeds up to catch up again. I have tried cleaning the CD player and close down any unnecessary programs that may be...
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    Who played the topless girl in Schindlers list?

    she was early in the movie when Amon was sniping. who was the girl in his bed?? was it Helen Hirsch? i cant tell.
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    anyone know the song played at minute 00:54:00 on the dvd called Stone cold Steve...

    ...Austin,The Bottom Line disc1? The dvd complete name is Stone Cold Steve Austin:The Bottom Line On The Most Popular Superstar Of All Time the song plays at 00:53:13 to be exact. If anyone that has that dvd could help i would be gratefull, I've tried Shazam but it doesnt work. it plays at...
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    Best file format to use for making a DVD to be played in an older model DVD player?

    Hi there. Which video file format (e.g. FLV, MP4, etc...) would be the best to use for making a DVD to be played in an older model DVD player? I have a Toshiba DVD/VCR deck (model No. SD-V392SC2, AC/CA 120V 60 Hz 18 W with the year dates 1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories), and I recently made a DVD...
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    what format should I convert my MKV movie in order to be played in a dvd

    player with fash drive? Hi , I have dowloaded a movie in an MKV format but when I wanted to play it in my dvd player with flash drive the movie wasn't detected , my question is ,what format should I convert the movie into in order to be played. thanks.
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    games that can be played in ipad and android?

    I have an Ipad my son has an android table, and I would like to play games with him maybe head to head is there any game that will allow us to play at the same time in android tabled (nexus) and ipad?
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    Movies that played on Dish Network in 2010.?

    Specifically Stations like The Movie Channel, Starz etc.
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    Hi everyone, what channels are Fantasy Baseball Games usually played on?

    HuH!?! Dont know if I have those ones? New to America, will check em out! THX BROz!
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    On YouTube I played a song by buck cherry and it said to download this... for ringtone just go to It said this page can not be found. What do I do to get this ringtone free
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    Who is the guy who played in snitch with the beard who looked like former UFC

    fighter Keith jardine ? The guy who is either a cop or an FBI agent seen trying to catch the drug dealers after the rock pleaded to susan Sarandon on how to get his son released sooner Thank you youRe a lifesaver
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    Have you played bar trivia at a bar? Is it a good opportunity to meet people?

    do you play against random people at the bar?