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    a question about blue ray players?

    Hi i need help setting up my blue ray player to the internet, it only uses ethernet cable but the problem there is quite simple. My modem is all the way down in the basement and the blue ray player is on the second floor, not possible to get i dunno how long ethernet cable running through the...
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    Gridiron Gamers: The Best Video Game Football Players

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    What is special in blueray players that ppl prefer them over dvd player?

    If blue ray can play scratched disc?
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    How to burn mkv files to play on dvd players keeping multi subtitles?

    Hi there, I'm trying to convert some mkv file movies so i can ply them on any dvd player, but keeping 4 choices for subtitles. Thnx in advance!!!
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    Dvd blue ray players w/ wifi?...?

    Today i decided i want to buy a DVD blue ray player, but haven't a clue about them except that it gives a great picture. When i went online about them they were listed w/ wifi. WHAT IS THE WIFI FOR PLEASE? And Is a DVD & a blue ray the same thing? In other words, can i play DVD movies on just a...
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    Six current football players join lawsuit against the NCAA

    Earlier this summer, a federal judge told Ed O'Bannon and his fellow plaintiffs in an anti-trust case against the NCAA* and the Collegiate Licensing Company (all former college athletes) they needed to add some current players to their lawsuit. Thursday night, O' Bannon's lead attorney announced...
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    in usb dvd players xcept AVI formats other formats like MKV, MP4 r not playing?

    wats the reason
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    What dvd players have usb resume playback recall memory and wifi capability?

    I need help finding a DVD player with confirmed USB video resume playback/ memory recall. Essentially, I want to be able to power off the DVD player, turn it back on and pick up my video file where I left off. I know most modern players have disc recall/ resume playback, but I need this...
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    Is swimming a good workout for Basketball players?

    I've been swimming everyday for the past week and Noticed it has helped my Stamina a lot because I just played an entire 40 minute game yesterday which I hadn't done for a long time. My question is what swim type is best for basketball? Also what other pool workouts are good for basketball...
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    Which NON GK players have worn the number 1?

    I was wondering which famous players have used the number 1 in soccer besides goal keepers.
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    Offseason concussion woes of NFL players a scary reminder of a serious problem

    Linebacker Colin McCarthy is finally feeling well enough from his concussion issues to go through non-contact minicamp practices with the Tennessee Titans. Ryan Swopes, a rookie receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, is not there quite yet. It's almost July. Neither player has played a...
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    DVD players What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types

    from a hard drive? What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types from a hard drive
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    Is there a game like skyrim but for 4 players instead of 1?

    Kinda like DnD but its a video game
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    Rough day for the Rockies: Three top players, including Troy Tulowitzki, injured in o

    By the time, Troy Tulowitzki injured his ribs diving for a ground ball in the eighth inning of Thursday's game, the Colorado Rockies had to think that they were cursed. When Tulowitzki left the game, that made three Rockies stars — Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler being the other two — who had...
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    Can blue-ray dvds play on normal dvd players?

    I've got a couple blue-rays for my ps3 and i was wondering if i could watch them round a friend's house who doesn't have a blue-ray player or ps3
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    How do I make MKV movie files playable on standard DVD players?

    I have a few MKV movie files that are relatively small, and will fit on DVD+R discs I have. I would like to preserve all quality and audio set ups in them if possible. I want them to be in a format that will play on all normal DVD players, or are very likely to. What are the best programs and...
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    Which Baseball Players Face Suspensions for Tony Bosch and Biogenesis?

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    My media players( VLC and DiVX ) are not opeing?

    No mater how many times I re install them, or the different video files. I click a divx video and there's a short loading sign and then nothing happens.. there must be something wrong with my computer. Ironically this used to happen with windows media player, now its the only media player that...
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    Yankees and Red Sox players frightened by thunder, react hilariously

    Proving that even pro baseball players get a little scared of thunder, members of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees were captured on camera during Sunday night's rain delay as a huge burst of thunder crackled above New York City. Their reactions? So great. They jumped, cringed, took...
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    Blueray and DVD Players?

    I know that you can't play Bluerays with a DVDs players, but can you play DVDs on a Blueray Player?